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6 Things EVERY Bride Misses After The Shaadi (It’s Okay!)

6 Things EVERY Bride Misses After The Shaadi (It’s Okay!)
The shaadi is over, you are back from your honeymoon and now it’s time to face real life - in your new home. While you are super-excited about this new phase in life - you have the sweetest husband and in-laws - there’s still a part of you which misses your ghar quite desperately. If you’re going through withdrawal symptoms and missing home, you’ll totally get this:

1. Mummy Ke Haathon Ka Khaana

It has to be the first thing you miss! From the way they make their tea to the way your in-laws cook their rajma, everything tastes so different. And you can’t complain too much if something is too spicy or salty for your taste on the very first day - you don’t want to your disappoint MIL who cooked it with so much love for you.

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2. When You Realise You’ll be sharing Your Room And Washroom

...That too with a guy! Sorry to break this to you girls but some guys are messy, including our dear husbands. Your room might not smell of raspberry-scented perfume anymore and the toilet seat will almost never be down. Conditioning your husband with constant nagging might do the trick in the next 50 years. :D

3. When There’s No Sibling Next Door To Vent To

You miss the crazy fights and hating each other’s guts, but more than that you miss that special camaraderie you shared with your sibling. You miss discussing your silly and not so silly problems, and the unspoken rule of not sharing your conversations with parents.

3 missing home

4. No More Snoozing

You are the laziest bum on the planet back at your parents’ house, but now you are expected to wake up before that horrid alarm starts whining, get dressed (no PJs won’t do just yet) and be ready for breakfast. You sneak a look at the clock... Whaaaa?! It’s only 8 am!

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5. And Then There Are The Bed Woes

You keep tossing and turning in your new bed, thinking how perfect your bed back home was and how weirdly uncomfortable this one is. All you want is a few hours of sound sleep. Is that too much to ask?

5 missing home

6. Mommy, I Wanna Come Home

Even though you have the best husband and in-laws, it hits home that no one, like no one, could ever love you unconditionally more than your parents. You miss their scolding and they miss your naughtiness. But as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder and you will visit them soon!

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