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"Be A QUEEN" & 9 Other Things A Girl Should Always Remember!

"Be A QUEEN" & 9 Other Things A Girl Should Always Remember!
In the hustle and bustle of this busy world, we tend to lose our way at times. We forget that our being is of utmost importance and we deserve true happiness. However, we must know how to keep ourselves happy and healthy, at all times, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well! So here are 10 things all of us girls must remember...

1. To take out time for yourself

It is more important to spend some time with yourself than spending time with a group of friends you meet everyday. Ditch that house party, stay back at home to enjoy the evening in your jammies, sipping coffee and enjoying your own company. things every girl should remember 1

2. To prioritize your body

Give your body the love, nutrients and time it needs. You body is your house for a lifetime. Keep it healthy and be happy.

3. To stop comparisons

Don’t compare yourself to other women. You are different in your own way and that makes you beautiful. Appreciate it, because no one can love you the way you do. things every girl should remember 2

4. To learn and to unlearn

Read a classic every month, read the news daily, follow blogs. Do whatever it takes to learn new things every day of your life and unlearn what's unnecessary. You wouldn't want to carry extra baggage, right?

5. To put yourself first

If you cannot help yourself, you cannot help others. Don’t get hurt with what stupid people have to say, know your worth and move on. You are your own superhero, act like one. things every girl should remember 4

6. Follow your heart

Your heart knows where you want to be. Follow it and you will never be unhappy. Never, because the heart knows its way to happiness.

7. To stand up for yourself

If you cannot stand up for what you believe in, for who you are, then the world will not let you be yourself. Believe in yourself and stand up for what you think is right, both for yourself and for others. things every girl should remember 4

8. To rediscover yourself

Travel on your own, at least once in your lifetime. It will help you discover yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. You'll see yourself in a different perspective and light.

9. Be a queen

Be the queen of your life and create a world for yourself which makes you happy. Do not regret things you’ve done, you can’t change them. Work your butt off every single day to get what you want. Don't lean on others. Be your own ladder to success. things every girl should remember 5

10. Hug yourself

Most importantly, love yourself and hug yourself because if you don’t, no one else will! Contributed by: Yashi Jain Yashi is currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communication at St Xavier's College, Kolkata. She needs nothing more than a glass of lemonade and a book by her side to be happy. She loves travelling, swimming and believes in the power of love. MUST-READ: 10 Things EVERY College Girl Should Have In Her Wardrobe! MUST-READ: Dear Beautiful, 10 Reasons To Love Yourself – Every Single Day!