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7 Things Every Girl Wants To Tell Her Dad Before Her Wedding!

7 Things Every Girl Wants To Tell Her Dad Before Her Wedding!
Every girl is her daddy’s princess. It’s an unmatched feeling. He is her hero, her superstar and her oracle… His is the first hand she holds and his shoulder is the first she looks for when the going gets tough. And when it’s time to start a family and go away, there are plenty of thoughts that race through her mind and that she wants to tell her father...

1. I love you

So I found a man who I love a lot and whom I’ll soon be starting a family with - but you dad, are and will always be my first, true love. Nothing will compare to it. Maybe I don’t say it enough, but I love you!

1 daughter wants to tell her father

2. You are handsome

When I was looking for a guy, you were my role model. I always wanted him to be smart, intelligent, funny and good-looking like you. Your son-in-law is just like you, but I know it’ll be hard for him to keep up with your style and finesse.

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3. Your love is self-less

For all the times that you sacrificed your personal interests for the family, those late nights at work, staying back at home when I was sick, those panic attacks you felt on result days, that patience you showed when I goofed up the first time, and every time after that – thank you will never be enough.

3 daughter wants to tell her father

4. I’m there for you…

Just like you’ve always been around for me. In times of happiness and in distress, I always took you for granted – you were there. And now it’s my turn. As you grow older, you may need me more. Don’t ever think I am too far away or too busy in my own life. I am never too far. Just call me and I’ll come.

5. I’m going to miss you…real bad

All those times when I wanted to escape your lectures on life and responsibilities – darn, it feels so foolish now. That safe place you created for me, for us, for our family…God knows how badly I will miss it all.

5 daughter wants to tell her father

6. Thank you...

For bearing with me even at my worst , for listening to me, for paying my insane credit card bills, for all my birthday gifts and no-reason gifts… I’m hoping your son-in-law matches up!

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7. I am…because of you

I feel proud to be a woman with honor and dignity because of you. I can respect, forgive, love, give, share, and care because you instilled the goodness in me. I am everything I am, because of you.

7 daughter wants to tell her father

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