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8 Truths About Being A Curvy Girl In India

8 Truths About Being A Curvy Girl In India
We are blessed with bodies which we dress and beautify in our own way. There are many different body types across the country, but most of us here are on the curvy side (thanks to all carb-rich food we eat!). If you fall in the curvy category, here’s a list of 8 things you will totally relate to!

1. You are always being told that you are fat

If you have heard it, frankly my dear, you shouldn't give a damn.They are probably saying this because they are jealous. You hear constant taunt from aunties "Moti ho gayi hai beti" but well, it’s better to have the last slice of pizza than die wishing you had, isn’t it? ;)

things curvy girls will know

2. You always hear weird rumours about your curves

Yes, it's true. Curves do attract unwanted attention, whether you like it or not. People often start the most ridiculous rumours, like your curves are fake or they’re surgically enhanced.

3.  It's difficult to find a perfect fit

The clothes you like are either too tight or too loose. Customization is your only option. Because of this, you know every tailor and boutique in your locality. Buying without trying is not your cup of tea.

things curvy girls will know

4. Whatever you wear, people will always comment

As a result of this, you spend most of your time trying to find perfect clothes that will get the least negative comments. But you will soon realise that you can’t please everyone and that you should just be yourself. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable.

5. Collection of pet names

Most of your friends have probably forgotten your official name because they all have given you nicknames - chubby, moti, golu…. The list goes on!

things curvy girls will know

6. Bodycon dresses are NOT your best friends

Bodycon dresses work very well for curvy figures, but most of us tend to forget that. You avoid them like the plague because of their body hugging style. Why not show off your curves when you’ve got them? You don't even have to try to look good, the dress does it for you!

7. Indifference

No matter what people say, you LOVE your curves and wouldn’t trade them for anything! You don't need a reason to flaunt your curves, you just accept them. The struggles and the negative comments you face sometimes never overpower the compliments you receive and the way you feel about yourself.

things curvy girls will know

8. One size for all? FML!

How do they even expect every girl to fit in the same sized jegging? Wake up Indian brands, different girls have different figures and thus need different sizes!

Contributed By: Pankhuri Vijay

Pankhuri is currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology from Punjab University, Chandigarh. She loves coding and doodling. She enjoys listening to One Direction, Justin Timberlake and One Republic.

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