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11 Survival Tips For The Girl Who Lives Away From Her Family

11 Survival Tips For The Girl Who Lives Away From Her Family
Moving away from the comfort of your family is literally like stepping out of your comfort zone. But worry not - just keep a few things in mind and it's going to be an adventure… of the good kind!

1. Decide whether you want to live alone, as a paying guest or rent a place with other flatmates.

This means thinking of your own deal-breakers as well as those of potential roommates. You shall have to spend most of your time with this person and it should ideally be a positive experience for both of you.

2. Your stomach might feel full but your purse shall feel the opposite.

Eating out is so, so tempting when you are away from family and there is no one to serve you warm, tasty home-cooked meals. Remember, the pressure cooker is your friend!

3. And if you are a novice in the culinary arts...

It might be worthwhile to ask your family members to share their most fool-proof recipes. (Pro tip: Pack home-ground masalas in your bag when you leave.)

3 living away from your family

4. Make friends in the neighbourhood!

Find out who delivers water, food, groceries, and most importantly, who sells good quality fruits and vegetables for the best prices! This network is also very handy if you are looking for someone to help around the house.

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5. Keep a note of the nearest hospital.

In case anyone falls ill suddenly or there is an emergency. You might still feel like calling your parents first but you need to remind yourself that they aren't just in the other room, ready to help.

6. Be wise about sharing household expenses with your roommate.

Keep a track of all the bills and expenses. Fix an approximate monthly budget and keep track of where the money is going on an excel sheet.

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7. YouTube is not just for cat videos.

It has a million DIY videos to do basic repairs around the house. They can save your money!

8. A space of your own is all well and good but unfortunately it is not going to get cleaned by magic.

Chores are something you will have to figure out in the beginning itself before it gets out of control. Would you like to manage the chores amongst yourselves or hire someone to come in daily?

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9. If you are going to come back very late, inform your roomie so she does not worry.

It's also useful to text them the number plate for your vehicle. On that note, ensure your phone always has sufficient charge and credit.

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10. A regular weekly Skype call

Checking in with the family back at home can help you touch base and also ensure you don't lose that connection due to physical distance.

11. Homesickness is a definite likelihood and it's fine to feel that way.

But knowingly or unknowingly, you are building a makeshift family of sorts on your own and that means the best of both worlds!

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