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10 Signs You’re A NO Bullsh*t Kinda Girl!

10 Signs You’re A NO Bullsh*t Kinda Girl!
Are you the kind of girl that people are often intimidated by? Do you refuse to let others walk all over you and sing to your own tune? You may just be the kind of awesome that everyone should be! Here are the ten signs which say that you are a no-nonsense kind of girl...

1. You Speak The Truth

About everything. Because you’ve got nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

1 no nonsense girl

2. You Don’t Mind Constructive Criticism…

Because it can only help improve you, right?

3. …. But You Don’t Take Nonsense From Anyone

Because you’re not someone’s punching bag.

3 no nonsense girl

4. You Do Your Own Thing

Life is too short to care about “log kya kahenge?”

5. You’re Not A Pushover

Being nice and being a pushover are two different things. Never be a pushover!

5 no nonsense girl

6. You’re Fiercely Independent

Which doesn’t mean that you rebel unnecessarily, but you rebel when you have to!


7. You Don’t Expect A Man To Pay For You

Because you can finance yourself, thank you very much.

7 no nonsense girl

8. You Play Fair

You have high principles and you stick to them. Always!

9. You Forgive People Who Hurt You

Because you realize that holding on to grudges does no good.

9 no nonsense girl

10. Nobody ever dares to mess with your friends.

Because you're fiercely protective of them!

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