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13 Signs You And Him Are *Perfectly* Compatible!

13 Signs You And Him Are *Perfectly* Compatible!
Bollywood, for years now, has been trying to prove that falling in love involves 10 metre long dupattas or sarees fluttering in the air or violins being played in the background or public proposals taking place where every second person on the street knows and can synchronize with all your dance moves. Well, let's snap out of it, shall we? Love isn't merely about being all kuchi kuchi koo! For a relationship to sustain both partners must understand each other and be compatible with each other! So here are a few tell tale signs that you have found the person who complements you perfectly!

1. You have something in common!

No, that does not mean that you have to be semi-identical twins and have every single thing down to the color of your eyelashes in common! But there should be something you both enjoy equally - a sport, music, genre of movies, idea of romance, or even a favorite cartoon show!

1 compatible with each other

2. You are a team! Always!

You might as well have jerseys that have your names on it... Just kidding! Whether it's taking up a fun couple dancing challenge, or battling a flu, or making it through a financial crisis, you stick together! You never play the blame game and nothing can ever change what you have!

3. You have developed mind reading abilities as far as your partner is concerned!

The shape of his mouth and the number of wrinkles on his forehead are enough to tell you if he has a headache or if he had a fight with his boss or whether he just had a blah day! And this stands true vice versa too! Oh, and you also know what all of his winks mean too. ;)

3 compatible with each other

4. You take care of the little things!

You don't like fried egg and he doesn't enjoy dark chocolate. You just cannot do without your chai and he only likes that particular brand of coffee. You notice and remember little things about each other, and that just shows how much you care!

5. You have learnt to keep your calm when the other person loses it!

You are bound to have days where you just cannot cage the rage, and will end up yelling at your partner (sometimes for no reason too!). But you being the superb people that you are, have learnt how to tame and put out the fire by staying in the calm zone and not going all "how-dare-you!" on each other.

5 compatible with each other

6. Even when you disagree on something, it does not balloon into World War 3!

You agree to disagree, and you understand that even conjoined twins cannot have the same point of view on every single thing!

7. You enjoy being different!

He can listen to rock music with his headphones on while you curl up in a corner to read a book, in the same room and sometimes even on the same couch! You can then tell him the story while he gushes about how awesome the new rock album is! You guys have learnt to enjoy your differences instead of bickering about them!

7 compatible with each other

8. You have similar values and basic instincts.

You both have very similar values and instincts - like respecting and protecting each other. Your concepts about love and life are based on similar values and that is precisely why you connect at a deeper level!

9. You both are each other's one man cheerleading squad, and you bring out the best in each other!

While he is playing his football final, you are there in the stands cheering for him and that just makes him kick the ball harder. And when you are preparing for that particularly difficult exam, he stays awake to make you coffee and midnight munchies while telling you, that you will get through it!

9 compatible with each other

10. You do not have to filter your stories and feelings in front of each other.

You can keep the filters for later, because when you are with each other you can be your true self, unabashedly, and do not have to pretend to be all goody-two-shoes.

11. You do not judge each other! EVER!

Which is why you can do so many of things mentioned in the previous points with each other! You know each other too well to be all judgemental and opinionated!

11 compatible with each other

12. You respect each other's professional decisions

Doesn’t matter who earns more or works more hours, you respect each other’s professional life. If you want a career switch or if he wants a change of workplace you support each other, and keep each other afloat when the tide is high.

13. You have established unspoken rules of mutual respect and you stick to them!

No sharing of Facebook passwords or snooping around each other’s mailboxes or incessantly calling the other when either of you is out with your friends, doesn’t matter if they are guys or girls. You love each other, but more than that you respect and trust each other. So you both keep your side of the deal. No funny business!

13 compatible with each other

Being compatible does not mean you have to be same. It means that you know your differences and have learnt to use them to complete each other and not compete with each other.

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