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7 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Wedding Menu!

7 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Wedding Menu!
For a guest, a wedding ultimately boils down to the food that is being served! Now haven’t we all heard how people have so many comments about the shaadi ka khana? While keeping everyone happy is not something you should stress about, but yes, there are a few important pointers to keep in mind while planning the menu. Because it’s not just about how popular your caterer is but also about how you pay attention to the little details.

1. Your snacks and desserts need to be kickass

We’ve all done this. Gone to a shaadi, gorged on the snacks, skipped the main course and went straight to the desserts counter. And most people do just that! So make sure you have a great variety in each of these departments and that they’re absolutely lip-smacking!

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2. Space out your counters

It’s an unsaid rule that your veg and non-veg counters need to be different. It’s never a good idea to have all your dishes placed together. Also, have enough counters to avoid a crowd during dinner time. Ideally, one counter should cater to about 100 people, so plan according to your guest list.

3. Different functions = different menus

If you have wedding ceremonies spread over 3-4 days it would be nice to not bore your guests with the same menu over and over again. In fact, consider adding a dish or two of different cuisines on different days. This way your guests get a variety and there are always the basics for those who don’t like experimenting.

4. Let’s reduce the mess

Haven’t we all had troubles holding our clutch and dupatta and trying to pick up a snack and chutney etc, etc. Won’t it be great to have snacks which the guests can just pick up and hit the dance floor after. Tiny wraps and other stick snacks just help cut down the extra mess.

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5. Please don’t ignore the pheras!

Even after the lavish dinner, people tend to get hungry during the late night pheras. And you too need food to keep yourself up! So circulate a few throughout the ceremony. Besides tea and coffee, talk to your caterer about cookies, popcorn or mini-sandwiches for the pheras.

6. Keep the weather in mind!

So essential! Plan your menu based on the weather you’re getting married in. While winter calls for soups, dry fruit pulao and heavy gravies, summer is all about light gravies, fruit salads and refreshing drinks.

7. Label your food

In fact, don’t just label it but add a little description too. This is especially helpful for guests who may have special dietary requirements or food allergies. This way your guests have a fair idea of what the dish contains and can choose to have it or not.

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