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Sunday Shorts: 3 Heartbreaking Tales About Unrequited Love

Sunday Shorts: 3 Heartbreaking Tales About Unrequited Love

1. My First Love

We would stay up most nights, talking about love, life and all things in-between. No boy before him had ever seemed so…nice! What was it about him that made me restless when he didn’t call at the end of each day? Was it the way he wanted to know all about me and my life, or the way he loved my best friend and was ready to do anything to win her over… Even come so close to me that she couldn’t ignore him any further?

It was crazy. Every night I helped him get closer to his first love, I moved away from mine… Till they were together, and I was alone.

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2. A Hundred Miles

When my best friend moved away, I was completely broken. For the past five years I had spent all my days with him. He was everything that anyone could have ever asked for in a best friend and I knew I was lucky to have him by my side.

He promised to call me everyday and for a while, he did. My life was stagnant, boring, nothing had changed. While his life was moving fast - into so many different directions, all at once and he too had changed as a person. His calls became infrequent and suddenly one day, when he did call, he called to tell me that he had found someone.

The minute he hung up was when I realized that I had always been in love with him.

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3. The Proposal That Never Was

As I saw him standing in front of me at the altar, I tried to wipe away my tears. But my hands were full, as I held my own bouquet and the bride’s - my sister’s.

I had been in love with him, my best friend, for 6 years, she had met him only 2 years back. But the only difference was, while I waited for him to get down on his knee, she got down on hers, for him.

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