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7 Times In Life That Your Period Did You A Favour!! *Wink*

7 Times In Life That Your Period Did You A Favour!! *Wink*
Periods aren’t fun - goes without saying, really. And yet, there are a few times your monthly visitor did you a HUGE favor. Don’t believe us? Well, read on to discover some period perks!

1. When you wanted to eat an entire tub of ice-cream without feeling guilty, and your period told you, “Go ahead, it’s okay”.

The heart wants what it wants, especially during periods when the poor thing is all sensitive and fragile.

1 period perks

2. When you had a bit too much fun with your boyfriend and stupidly forgot to use protection… It was the sight of your period that made your month.

Ah... My period is here. All’s right in the world again. *Calls boyfriend*

3. When you didn’t wanna attend that party and your friends couldn’t force you into it, because...periods!

No one wants to get in the way of a woman who is PMS-ing.

3 period perks

4. When you couldn’t fit into your skinny jeans and your period reminded you that you had not put on weight, you were just bloated!

Oh, sweet relief!

5. When your boyfriend was winning the argument, but he couldn’t win against periods…

Sucks to be a man sometimes, doesn’t it?

5 period perks

6. When you wanted to skip exercise and your period provided the perfect excuse…

Because, you have enough pain in your life already, you can give your body a break surely!

7. When you were allowed to skip the boring math class in school, because cramp attack happened!

But your friends had to sit through it, while you were sleeping in the middle of a school-day. Never did the sick bay feel so… NICE!

7 period perks

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