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Confessions Of A Slightly Dramatic Girlfriend

Confessions Of A Slightly Dramatic Girlfriend
“How dramatic are you?” is a question I was very used to being asked just three months into our relationship. “Drama queen”, “nautanki”, “dramebaaz”... Yes, of course these terms had been used to describe me many times before - but what they meant, I never really understood! Now how was I supposed to know that my expressions, or the way I reacted to things made me seem dramatic? I was just being my natural self! And it was always funny - because no one was actually getting affected by it. But anyway, a few months into my relationship, I began to realize what everyone actually meant.
My boyfriend is a really sweet, chilled out person. But honestly, as time was passing, we were both realising how different we were. He was chilled out to the point of seeming indifferent! And trust me, if I’m dramatic, then my most dramatic side was brought out by him! Internal Dramatic girlfriend There were (and are still) times when he would forget to call me back. And I would react in a “dramatic” way if you please. I would call him and tell him that if he forgot to call me back, that meant he had forgotten me! I mean, obviously, why else would you not remember to call me? If you can’t even remember to call me, then you probably never even think of me. Yes, I know people forget to call back sometimes - it’s an honest mistake. And I don’t actually believe that he’s forgotten me, it’s just how I react in the moment. Trust me, I cool down equally fast as well. Then of course when he’s late to pick me up, I can’t let it go that easily. I mean, if I’ve been ready and waiting for half an hour, do you not think my makeup will start wearing off?! And do you really think a girl should be made to wait so long that her clothes get completely crushed by the time it's actually time to go out? No, right? But obviously my boyfriend would think I was just being dramatic again. But here’s what I’d say: “I’m only being slightly dramatic!” :P Also read: Confessions Of A “Dominating” Girlfriend Okay, also, I’m not just dramatic when I’m angry or upset - I can also be dramatic when I’m happy! You will be able to see my happiness from a mile away. Last year for my birthday, my boyfriend organised a surprise party. I was really sad because I had an exam on my birthday. But when I got back home, my house was decorated and all my friends were there. Obviously any normal person would be delighted and super happy - but would they jump and scream and cry and be surprised for the whole evening? Well, that’s me. I still cannot stop gushing about how amazing my boyfriend is for doing that - and obviously I like to add my own little twists to the story when I tell it, just to make it seem even more dramatic.
You see, I truly believe that life should be like the movies! Especially romance and your relationship. Shouldn’t it be? Maybe I have watched too many movies, but I really think that my boyfriend ought to bring me flowers every once in a while - I’d do the same if he liked flowers. We should surprise each other, go out for dates, laugh endlessly, fight like crazy...but then also make up like nothing ever happened! Any other guy would think I’m too demanding and have all these things I need. But not my boyfriend. He sees me for who I am and he loves me! Yes, I mean, he does think I’m super dramatic as well, but he knows that’s just a character trait he has to learn to love. And truth be told, I love like no other as well. This I know. I love with all my heart and soul, and I show my love in the most romantic fashion. So why, really, should I expect any less? Also read: Confessions Of An Overly Suspicious Girlfriend I may react to things in a more exaggerated fashion than many do! But that’s me. My expressions can say it all, although very rarely are they not accompanied by words. After all, what’s life without a little drama, right? ;)
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