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9 Slightly, Um, Annoying Things *Every* Girlfriend Does (Oops!)

9 Slightly, Um, Annoying Things *Every* Girlfriend Does (Oops!)
Let’s admit it ladies, we’re awesome and all that, but sometimes even we can be annoying! Yet for some mysterious (and very sweet) reason, our boyfriends keep their calm with us. Here are a few things that all of us as girlfriends are guilty of doing!

1. Not deciding where to eat

Don’t lie! You’ve done this a million times over. He asks you, “Where do you want to eat?” and you say, “Wherever, I’m okay with anything”. When clearly you are not and no matter what place he chooses, you never seem to agree with his choice.

1 Annoying things girlfriends do

2. Assuming that every girl who talks to your boyfriend has a crush on him

And vice-versa. “Who was she?”,“I could definitely sense some chemistry there”,“Do you still like her?”,“Where did you meet her”,“What do you like about her”,“She wasn’t even smart or pretty”. Yes, you’ve asked all these questions. Don’t deny it. We know because we’ve done it too.

3. Dropping hints

Like men will ever get it. They won’t, not even in a billion years of evolution will they ever get it. We need to really stop dropping hints and be clear and concise with our speech.

3 Annoying things girlfriends do

4. The silent treatment

Ah! This wonderful form of treatment. Why do we do it? We love to talk, we love to shout, we love confrontation and fighting back because we love to be right - so why this weird form of non-verbal torture?

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5. Asking “Do I look fat?”

Like what answer are we looking for? An honest one? And if he does offer pure, uncut honesty and tell us that we do look fat, will we able to handle the truth?

5 Annoying things girlfriends do

6. Feeding him in public...

Yes, it just naturally comes to us. We do this out of love, care and affection for him. But he is a full-grown adult and being fed in public wouldn’t look like the nicest thing that he’s got going on for himself.

7. Deciding his clothes for him

Like who gave us the liberty and the authority to be his designated stylist? Would you like it if he decided what you should be wearing everyday, all day? Works both ways, no?

7 Annoying things girlfriends do

8. Never getting ready on time!

We feel an inner, unrelenting need to look decently dressed, okay? Somehow we can’t not care about what we look like. We like putting in effort into what we look like - and looking nice requires quite some time. So, whatever!

9. Taking a million selfies with him

It makes him a little uneasy. You know it. Yet you can’t help but force him to take as many as you need!

9 Annoying things girlfriends do

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