8 Ideas For The Couple Who Wants A Simple, Yet Fun Wedding!

8 Ideas For The Couple Who Wants A Simple, Yet Fun Wedding!
The big, fat Indian wedding – pheras in front of a thousand guests, the line of guests by the grand stage to give sagan and get clicked with the bride and groom, greeting long-lost relatives with that fake smile pasted on your face – aren’t we done with all that now? Ladies, here comes the new-age wedding, which more and more couples are taking a fancy to. It’s simpler, fun and more easygoing. This is how an offbeat wedding would ideally happen…

1. Signatures, and married!

Instead of sitting in a huge, OTT mandap, with scores of people watching you do pheras, the bride and groom make their way to a court, sign the marriage papers and voila! Maybe a celebration party after – what say?

2. Stage? Nah!

Sitting on that grand couch placed on the never-ending stage, and getting clicked with each and every guest who stood in line to come up to you and give you your wedding gift, is a big “no”. You’d rather mingle with your near and dear ones, and keep it less formal. Besides, this way the bride and groom actually get to enjoy their wedding celebration.

2 offbeat wedding

3. Minimalistic décor

Many wedding venues end up looking like flower shops, don’t they? The offbeat wedding would typically see more fairy lights and candles than flowers, and other beautiful elements that are easy on the pocket and look good too.

4. By (e-)invitation only

Sending out fun, illustration-oriented e-invites is also a great idea. Not only do you conserve paper, but you also make the process a whole lot easier.

4 offbeat wedding

5. No laddoos, no chocolates

And if you must send out invitation boxes to your guests, opt for slightly non-typical food items to go with it. Marmalades, macaroons, exotic teas, aromatic coffee beans etc, are newer ideas that one can consider.

6. Close friends and family only

Wouldn’t you rather have a small affair and celebrate your big day with close family and friends only? Yes, you might find grumpy uncles and aunts later saying, “Humein toh shaadi pe bulaya bhi nahin,” but if you could redo your day, you probably still wouldn’t want them around.

6 offbeat wedding

7. Celebrations over ceremonies

Unlike the traditional, week-long weddings, a new-age one would have more celebration and fun than the 20-odd ceremonies that take up a big chunk of your wedding time.

8. Mehendi much

Girls, we aren’t saying that mehendi right up till your shoulders looks bad, but for those brides who aren’t fans of having mehendi on, you can always opt for a minimalistic design and not have anyone question that because you choose to do as you feel comfy!

8 offbeat wedding

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