Shaadi Shopping With The In-Laws? 6 Reasons It’s A *Good* Idea!

Shaadi Shopping With The In-Laws? 6 Reasons It’s A *Good* Idea!
Weddings are synonymous with shopping. While women enjoy shopping at any time and in any season, wedding shopping is a different ball game altogether. It is hectic, it is focussed on the wedding alone, and it’s all about getting the right stuff that synchronizes with the groom’s. The last bit is probably the hardest thing about wedding shopping. But this problem and more can be easily solved if you go wedding shopping with the future in-laws. Here are a few reasons why you absolutely should.

1. Melts the Ice

No matter how well you know your future in-laws, you will unlearn everything and know them even better post the wedding shopping. The flurry of bargaining and skimming through tons of stuff somehow melts the formalities, and by the time you emerge with the shopping bags, you are already much closer to them than before.

1 Shopping with in laws

2. They’ll Know What You Want

And they’ll appreciate it. Your choice and your in-laws’ selections can vary greatly and you can’t really blame them for it. Everyone is different, after all. But if you accompany them when they are shopping for your wedding items you can surely exert your choice and, trust us, they’ll only be too happy to give in.

3. Matching it with the Groom

What better way to make sure that you and your beau are well-synchronized and colour-coordinated on the big day than everyone going shopping together. Your in-laws and you can together discuss and pick the right look for the big day. In the end of it all, you’ll be assured that you and your future hubby will look absolutely divine and made for each other during the ceremony.

3 Shopping with in laws

4. Put a Ring on it

Well, the in-laws are in charge of one of the most defining wedding jewellery - the ring. Unless you accompany them for the ring shopping, there is a fifty per cent chance they will get it all wrong - right from the size of your finger to the size of the rock. Surely you do not want to court such a catastrophe? To prevent this from happening, make sure you tag along for the ring shopping and if possible, convince your fiancé to come as well. Everyone should have a say in this very important matter. But the last word should always be yours since it your finger where the wedding band will sit, for the rest of your life.

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5. Because Your Hubby-To-Be Is Going To Thank His Lucky Stars!

Here's a secret: guys often shed invisible tears of joy when their moms and wives get along. Because no one wants the two most important women in his life at loggerheads. So bring a little relief and joy into his life and go wedding shopping together. Score mega brownie points, and use it as leverage to get him to return the favour with your parents. It's an equal world, after all!

5 Shopping with in laws

6. Irons Out Differences

It’s possible that you have had certain differences with your in-laws during the wedding planning. There are so many things two parties can differ on - venue, date, number of guests and so on. Most often, there is a compromise involved with one or the other party giving in to the other. Planning a wedding is tough business. This is where wedding shopping can be a therapeutic experience. Join forces with your future in-laws and put in effort to reach a consensus about things such as the joda, the sherwani or the ring. Both parties can have a good time and this can lead to some much needed pre-wedding bonhomie between both parties.

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