7 Cute Ways To Make Your New Bhabhi Feel At Home!

7 Cute Ways To Make Your New Bhabhi Feel At Home!
Changing homes and moving in with a whole new family ain’t easy. After a multitude of write-ups on tips for the newlywed girl to settle in, we’d like the new family to shoulder some responsibility too. After all, it’s got to be a two-way process. We give you some amazing ideas to welcome your new bhabhi.

1. Research first

Your ground work should be complete before the wedding day – what does your new bhabhi like to eat, what her favourite form of entertainment is or even what her daily routine is like. For instance, if you’re aware that she enjoys Chinese food, plan a family dinner at her favourite joint in the city a few days after the wedding.

Welcome your new bhabhi

2. Be around

The more you’re around her, the better you’ll get to know her traits and moods. You’ll know what the red flags are and you’ll make it a point to tackle it all in good time.

3. Be the ‘involver’

If she is conscious or shy at the dinner table, ensure that you strike a conversation that she can contribute to or relate to. This way, she can talk and open up with all those new people dining with her on a daily basis now.

welcome your new bhabhi

4. Couple time

Being around new people all the time can get a bit overwhelming. Try and give her some me-time and some time just with her husband. Send her for an evening out with hubby dear maybe. Breathers are always welcome, especially in this case.

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5. Small surprises

Be it a little gift you bring her or planning a weekend getaway for just the youngsters in the family – surprises bring with them a certain level of excitement, and that’s always welcome, isn’t it? Besides, it’s a great way to bond too!

Welcome your new bhabhi

6. Gym buddies!

Another great way to bond with the new bhabhi would be to start gymming together or going to the same Pilates classes. Most newlyweds are conscious about putting that weight back on (which they worked very hard to lose during the lead-up to the wedding) and would lap up the chance to do some exercise every now and then, we say.

7. Shopping sessions

If she is quite the shopper (which you should know by now since your research is on point) take her along for some retail therapy and maybe throw in a meal at the mall too. The time spent together will make her more comfortable and welcome.

Welcome your new bhabhi

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