8 Ways To Get Over That Big Fight With Your Guy

8 Ways To Get Over That Big Fight With Your Guy
Today we’ll let you in on a big secret: the best relationships are actually those that have been through a healthy dose of fights. How you come out of these arguments/disagreements and how you choose to deal with them is what really determines the course of life after.

1. Stop sulking

Okay, so you guys had a big fight. But the important thing is that it’s over and you two have patched up. Move on now. If you keep sulking over it, it’s almost like you are choosing not to let things go.

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2. Stop referring to the fight

Whether in a positive way or negative way - if you keep bringing it up, there’s every chance it will bring up unpleasant memories. Or worse, it touches a nerve and opens up the fight again. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

3. Create a positive distraction

You two have just dealt with something heavy. Even if you don’t explicitly say it, there’s every chance you guys are struggling to get back to normal. We think this is the best time to do something fun together. Take a trip, go camping, plan a games night with all your friends, or start new hobby classes. Distracting yourselves will start a new chapter on a happy note – just what you two need, right?

get your relationship back on track

4. Pretend a little

Sometimes, pretending something never happened can actually be a great idea. You fool your mind into believing that nothing was ever wrong. If you hold on to it, it’ll keep you up at night. If you two have spoken and decided to work on your relationship, then why even think about it. Your brain should be like, ‘fight...what fight?’

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5. Forgive and forget

The best relationships are the ones that practice this mantra daily! Just let it go. Forgive your partner truly, and forget anything ever went wrong. If you keep practicing this, you’ll realize just how much of a difference it makes in your life and relationship.

get your relationship back on track

6. Bring back the romance

Often when you and your partner have recently seen some unpleasantness, the romance takes a backseat. So consciously work on this aspect. Plan out a lovely date night. Put in a little effort. Dress up, make reservations, and create the excitement. Before you know it, the two of you will be enjoying yourselves and laughing away just like the old times.

7. Nostalgia always works

Speaking of the old times – take that proverbial walk down memory lane with your man. The first date you guys had will always have a special place in your hearts, right? So recreate it. Go to the same place. Or order the DVD of the movie you two first saw together. The happy emotions will come rushing back, reminding you two why you choose to be together even now!

get your relationship back on track

8. Is it time for vows?

The beauty of strong relationships is how they survive even the toughest of times, thanks to the sheer magnitude of love! It may perhaps be time, to talk a little about this love.

For some couples, the concept of not talking about the fight or troubles just doesn’t work. If that’s what it is – then do open the conversation. Don’t ignore it. Rather talk about it in an open and positive manner. Make a vow to always love each other despite these fights and arguments. Write these down somewhere. So the next time you fight, you can remember this very real and important moment - when the two of you decided that no matter what...we will be together forever and for always.

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