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8 Interesting Ideas To Spice Up The Next Date With Your Guy!

8 Interesting Ideas To Spice Up The Next Date With Your Guy!
We’ve all been on dates - the cute dates, the really fun dates, the dates that went horribly wrong and the dates that turned into a marriage (pushed it too far?). But let’s face it, most dates follow the same protocol - meet up, have lunch, drink, grab some dinner and hopefully sex. Tired of the same old pattern of dating? Okay, let’s change the game and bend the rules a little.

1. Try a treasure hunt

If he wants to meet you and spend a lovely day with you, might as well make him work for it a little, right? And this works both ways because you really wouldn’t go through the trouble of planning an elaborate treasure hunt if you weren’t into him, would you? So, leave him clues here and there, do the whole thing and when he finally finds you, it will be a whole new level of exciting!

2. Spend as little as you can on the date

Take your mind back to your first year in college. First year in college - that wonderful year where stay at home pajamas were an acceptable form of dressing wherever you went, when rum and coke were your best friends and vodka and sprite your second best friends. Remember how your sole purpose in life was to save money? Try doing that again, go for a budget-friendly picnic somewhere - pack some lunch and some cheap booze, have a good time and save money.

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3. Kill one of your fears!

It could be anything - your fear of heights, his fear of spiders, your collective fear of watching a horror film in the theatre! Help each other overcome fears, at least give it a shot. You will really never know until you give it a try. There is a first time for everything.

4. Watch a movie - a little differently

Watch a movie together, but here's the twist - the movie has to be in a language that neither of you understand. Pay attention, try really hard to understand what’s happening in the movie. Discuss what you got out of the whole foreign language movie-experience. You guys may end up understanding the movie with same viewpoint or it could be totally different.

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5. Don’t utter a word!

Also, no you don’t get to text each other, and no messages on the tissue paper. Nothing. Try connecting with that person without having to say anything at all. Test the theory of how silence speaks louder than words. If it works, please let us know!

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6. Be kids together

Make a list of common things that you liked doing as kids. For example - how you loved to spend hours on a see-saw, or the way you ate mangoes just the way they were supposed to be eaten! Enjoy doing these things with each other because let’s face it, these are things that we will never outgrow.

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7. Dare each other to do impossible, embarrassing things

Have you ever watched this show called “Impractical Jokers”? If you haven’t, you can find it on Youtube. It’s hilarious! It’s a show about how four lifelong friends continue to put each other in extremely awkward situations by making them do the most awkward things and the best part - this is all taped! Try doing something like this with your date. Dare your date to do something really stupid and tape him while he is doing it - but be fair, both have to play the game!

8. Go on a theme-date

The theme could be as simple as a colour combination or as elaborate as a movie. The choice is yours.

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