8 Rules For Every Girl When She’s Starting Off Her Career!

8 Rules For Every Girl When She’s Starting Off Her Career!
It’s said that change is the only constant in life and that rings completely true. As children, we have not a care in the world. We are reckless, young and free. As we grow older, we start to feel responsibilities weighing us down. One such responsibility comes in the form of choosing a career. This can be a hard and confusing, so here are some things to keep in mind if you want to pave your way into the career you’ve always wanted.

1. Be completely aware of what you want

Sometimes life puts you in dead-end situations wherein you are forced to pick a career even if it is something that you don’t see yourself doing or might  not particularly enjoy. The grandness or the beauty of everything that is worth doing lies in its roots, if you have a clear beginning - half your work is already done.

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2. Work harder than you thought it was possible

Things just don’t happen overnight - be prepared for the all-nighters you will have to pull or at least the very long and very hectic work hours that you will have to put in. The harder you work, the stronger your foundation gets. Keep reminding yourself that you are a tough person and the career you have chosen for yourself is what will make you happy.

3. Don’t stop believing

You need your dreams to grow because only you can envision it and only you can make it happen. You need to dream big, even if it’s just castles in the sky. A dreamer can only dream for so long because one day she will wake up and build.

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4. Keep the negatives at bay

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to and there will be a million negative thoughts flooding into your head without you even wanting to think those thoughts. Sometimes the negativity will be external, coming from people you might not know well. But you have be able to rise against all odds. Learn how to take negative criticism and turn it into constructive criticism.

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5. Plan ahead

There is a certain element of joy and beauty in living a very impulsive life, but in all practicality, this kind of a lifestyle is very hard to adopt. Make sure you have a Plan B and maybe even a Plan C. It’s always wise to save for a rainy day.

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6. Don’t jump into anything too quickly  

Human beings as a race are plagued with this uncontrollable need to jump into making decisions. Take your time and scope everything out. Ask yourself a million times if this is what you want to do, if this is your true calling in life. Don’t just take up anything.

7. Make long-term plans

Most long term plans never really see fruition, but having a long-term plan will teach you discipline. With every small victory, you will have a crossed another limit, another border. When you look back you will realise that you’ve come a long, long way.

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8. Have immense faith in yourself

It is your life, and it should be your decision and yours alone to choose a career for yourself. Have faith in your decisions and have faith in yourself.

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