8 Things You'll ONLY Get If You Never Had A Boyfriend In School

 8 Things You'll ONLY Get If You Never Had A Boyfriend In School
If you were single all through your school life, there are definitely some things only you will be able to relate to. Here are 8 things you’ll totally get if you too didn’t date anyone for the first eighteen years of your life!

1. You used to play out romantic scenes from movies in your head, ‘coz you couldn’t experience them for real with your boyfriend…

‘Coz he didn’t exist.

never dated anyone in school 1

2. You would hear your other “committed” friends talk about the ‘struggles of being in a relationship’

And oh, how you wished you too could struggle like that with some boy too, instead of struggling with math!

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3. Nothing made you more jealous than watching your friends get those surprises for their anniversaries…

Your annual birthday could never match up to their monthly, quarterly, bi-annual anniversary celebrations.

never dated anyone in school 3

4. Your friends tried to set you up with their boyfriend’s best friends…

Sadly though, it ended up feeling like third-wheeling more than anything else!

5. You on the other hand, had a HUGE crush on this boy you would stare at from afar but never found the courage to talk to…

And all your friends knew about it, and would poke and exaggerate every little smile he passed your way - even if it was meant for the girl sitting behind you.

never dated anyone in school 5

6. You constantly imagined what having a boyfriend would feel like...

And what kissing him would feel like too. And no, those cheesy TV shows and rom-coms didn’t help!

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7. You thought your friends were being silly when they cried over boyfriends and breakups!

At least you could focus on your exams without worrying about your first love finding a new love!

never dated anyone in school 7

8. You always thought that college life was when you would finally find yourself a boy… And stop being thought of as the “good girl”!

But to your surprise, the tag of the “good girl” never really wore off!

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