10 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’ve Just Moved To Delhi!

10 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’ve Just Moved To Delhi!
If you have ever read ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts, the first thing you would have noticed is his vivid account of Mumbai when he had just entered the city. Coming to Delhi for the first time made me realise that feelings could run deeper for places than for people. If you’ve just moved into Delhi, this is a list you can probably relate to.

1. This place is huge

Reaching from point A to B, is never just as simple as that. Because the place is so huge, no matter where you want to go, it is always going to take you an hour or more. Oh! Don’t forget to add in traffic time.

2. The people are always so well-dressed

People here scream of individuality. They aren’t afraid to experiment with fashion and no matter what they wear, they pull it off with ease. People put in a lot of effort into their appearance. Quite inspiring, this city.

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3. The food here is to die for!

No matter where you decide to eat, be it a local roadside joint or a fancy pub; the food is ever so delicious. I can’t speak for the vegetarian population, but for the non-vegetarians, Delhi is every foodie’s dream come true.

4. How beautiful this place is

And I don’t just mean the aesthetic beauty. Delhi is filled with old victorian architecture, juxtaposed with the cultural heritage that India so proudly boasts of. Delhi invokes something inside of you, it’s a feeling of being lost and simultaneously being found again.

 Moved into Delhi

5. Gurugram

First of all, like everyone else, you hate the name change. “GURGAON” had a more authentic feel to it. But the point is, people won’t take a minute to correct you and tell you that Gurgaon is not in Delhi, it is in Haryana.

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6. It ain’t the capital for no reason

Delhi is so developed and so fast-paced - its wide-lane roads, the always-packed-to-the-brim metro, the thriving night-life, the artsy projects, the student rallies - the list is endless. People move to Delhi from their countries and their hometowns in India to make a living. While they are running the fast race to making a living, they make a life worth living.

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7. What pollution?

Delhi is infamous for these two things: The absolutely killer summers and the pollution. A month into Delhi and you keep wondering what pollution the world is talking about. It’s a really clean city with more greenery than it has been given credit for. People weren’t wrong about the heat though.

8. Every shopper’s paradise

Palika Bazaar, Sarojini Nagar Market, Central Market at Lajpat Nagar - shopping destinations that will blow your mind. The best part - how affordable everything is. Really, one can buy an entire outfit, complete with shoes and accessories for less than a grand. If that is not awesome, I don’t know what is.

 Moved into Delhi

9. The confident people

People here walk with their heads held high. They have this undeniable confidence about themselves and that is very contagious.

10. Rent is really high!

Before you move into a new place, one does the math for monthly expenses. Once you move into Delhi, you realise that you have to significantly increase your budget for housing options. Oh well, perhaps it’ll be worth it!

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