2 Months To Go? Check These Off From Your Planning List!

2 Months To Go? Check These Off From Your Planning List!
Getting married means tonnes of stuff that needs to be done. And you need to plan it all very well. Here are 6 things to do two months before the wedding - make sure these are off your checklist!

1. Prioritise, prioritise and prioritise

My favourite part of the Indian wedding scene is that you get to attend so many functions just for one wedding. However, as a couple it can be exhausting emotionally, physically and financially. That’s why we recommend that you prioritise the events that you want to host way in advance and based on that plan out your guest list. Take a decision on which event is more important than the other. You don’t have to do what everyone is doing. For instance, if it’s just a wedding with your closed ones that you want, you’ll have to pen down exactly who you want to invite and to what function, and trust us it will have to revised over and over. Might as well start early, rather than leaving someone important out!

things to do two months before the wedding

2. Lingerie shopping

Sounds odd? Not that important? Trust us, if you aren’t comfortable on the inside you aren’t doing justice to yourself or that Sabyasachi wedding trousseau. The day you decided to tie the knot, a subconscious part of your brain quickly made a list of all the designers and outfit styles you want to check out. Coordinate your lingerie and match it with every outfit planned as and when you zero in on the outfits. So, if you are dedicating two full months or more for your outfit hunting, put lingerie shopping in the same priority bucket. Don’t leave lingerie shopping for the wedding functions and the honeymoon till the last minute because, trust us, there is nothing worse than your bra showing from under the blouse. Even if it is La Perla!

3. Talking to the photographer

For people like us, our weddings are like our Filmfare Awards. At that moment, we are under the spotlight. It’s through the photos and the videos that we relive these moments again. Scouting for a photographer and a videographer to get these moments on reel can be quite a task. So start the hunt at least two months before your functions. Once you know who you want, sit with them to zero in on what you want. Discuss with your photographer and videographer if these is anything specific - shots, locations, styles - you have in mind. If you want pre-wedding, Save The Date or a bachelorette photoshoot, everything needs time to be planned and executed precisely. Because later you don’t want to crib that you don’t have a candid enough click for a  #ThrowbackThursday or when you had a wedding like a K.JO film in real and on reel it wasn’t.

things to do two months before the wedding

4. Beauty bookings

Bridal beauty procedures are usually given priority only a few weeks before the wedding and are expected to work as miracles. But take it from us or any other beauty professional, bridal beauty treatments need investment from you for more than a few weeks to properly work on your skin. From teeth whitening for that 100-watt smile to face cleansing procedures, anything to do with your skin will need to be worked on gradually. And while we are on the subject on beauty, let’s not forget about trying out various makeup artists and locking on one at least two months prior. No matter how many functions you have, make sure that from the hair to the nails and the makeup is pre-tested so that your functions go without a glitch. After all, these moments will turn into memories in those candid photos.

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5. Have the wedding invite in your hand

While you must have started seeing vendors for your wedding invites and gone over the details numerous times, now is the time to have the final product in your hand. Don’t let the urge of making more changes affect you. Just have the ‘the invite’ with you now - considering the number of invitees at an Indian wedding making last minute changes for about 300-500 people will only add to your woes.

6. Accommodation for outstation guests

Whether you are having a destination wedding or the traditional city wedding, you will have outstation guests and depending on the wedding type, you will have to make arrangements for their accommodation two months prior to the functions. And trust us, when you are planning your own wedding, someone else is too. So start scouting for the hotels or guest houses of your choice at least 12-9 months before and in the last two months, you should be assigning rooms.

things to do two months before the wedding

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