#HeSays: 10 Things Guys Want To Say To Their Future Wives!

#HeSays: 10 Things Guys Want To Say To Their Future Wives!
There’s always a list of things that girls expect from the guy that they’re someday going to end up with. There are all these things they want us to know and things they want to say to us. Well, we guys may not be as vocal about these things, but there are some things even we would like to convey to our future wives! So, here are a few things most guys would like to say to the person they will someday end up with!

1. Let’s try to understand and accept who we each are as individuals…

We’re both going to have our share of quirks, and I’m guessing that some of these will annoy the other quite a bit. But even if there are certain qualities that we can’t absolutely love about the other - can we at least accept that it’s a part of who we are as people?

2. Can I be granted a mood-swing day too?!

Okay, don’t take this the wrong way. I just mean that I will probably have off days too - so don’t get mad at me for being a bit moody sometimes!

2 Guys want to tell their future wives

3. But can we not take out our anger from somewhere else on each other?

Because, honestly, we’re not each other’s punching bags. And fighting is just so damn stressful.

4. Let’s keep the drama to a minimum!

Yes, yes, this goes for the both of us! Drama looks good on screen - not in our daily lives!

4 Guys want to tell their future wives

5. Can we have tons of sex?!

You know you want to! ;)

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6. Try and accept my sense of humour please!

I know our sense of humour can be pretty weird/ offensive/ beyond your comprehension at times. But try and bear with us, please! Don’t get mad at our bad jokes and try not getting offended if we say something really silly just because we find it funny!

6 Guys want to tell their future wives

7. Also, please don’t get mad about the wet towel on the bed?

I mean, I’ll try not putting it there, but everyone makes mistakes, you know!

8. Now that we’re in this for good, can we not play all those “mind games” people keep talking about?!

Because they are so exhausting. We know we’re going to be spending the rest of our lives together. So does it really matter who called whom first or who didn’t bother texting all day?

8 Guys want to tell their future wives

9. Can we be buddies?

Like, can I come tell you anything without having to worry about you judging me or thinking I’m completely crazy? Also, can we check out other women together?! Okay, okay, just kidding! See point 6. :P

10. I will always be on your side...

I hope that we trust each other 100% no matter what happens. You’re going to be my priority, and hopefully I’ll be yours!

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