People fall in love

15 Ways That Real-Life Love Stories Actually Begin!


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Falling in love is awesome, there's no doubt about it. Part of what makes it so special is that people fall in love in various and unique ways - ask any couple and they'll tell you their story! Let's take a look at some of the weird and wonderful ways people catch the love bug!

1. Best friends...

Yep, K-Jo's old line "Pyaar dosti hai... Love is friendship!"

People fall in love

2. Old flames...

For example the guy who went to your high school and you had a crush on - and who moved away and then came back (10x hotter!)!

3. Under your nose...

There's always that one guy who was there the whole time, but you just didn't see it until you finally saw it!

People fall in love

4. Tinder...

Let's be honest, folks, it can happen!

5. Facebook friends...

Well, they don't call us the Y2K generation for nothing!

People fall in love

6. Love at first sight...

This one is a classic, and yes, it does happen!

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7. Enemies who turned lovers...

Hey, if Romeo and Juliet can fall in love - so can you two!

People fall in love

8. Your dad's old school buddy's son...

I mean, you two already got pretend-married when you were 4 and they stayed with you that summer!

9. That random stranger...

Okay, okay, so that's who he was once upon a time when you met him at the gym - but now he's the love of your life!

People fall in love

10. Friend of a friend...

...It could have been a set-up or it could have just been meant to be - either way, you better get your girl a present for bringing this keeper into your life!

11. The guy whom you fought with over parking space...

Okay, so not the best first impression, but those dimples when he finally stopped arguing and started smiling, oh my!!

People fall in love

12. Your best friend’s brother...

And isn’t it just the most convenient thing?!

13. High school sweetheart...

He was the one, he is the one, he always will be the one!

People fall in love

14. Wanderlusters together...

Maybe you met him while travelling - and now you two plan to take on the world together!

15. I saw you across the room...

You two locked eyes, and that was it, the beginning of something magical!

People fall in love

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Published on May 13, 2016
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