How To Make Thin Hair Thicker - 5 Awesome Tricks!

How To Make Thin Hair Thicker - 5 Awesome Tricks!
If you have thin hair, then you’ve probably tried it all – teasing, blow drying your hair upside down, going through cans of mousse, you name it! Well, instead of trying numerous ways to style your hair to fake volume, why not help your grow thicker instead? There are a few things you can do in the shower to help make fine hair thicker. Read on about how to thicken hair via a few tricks before and during your shower that will help you get closer to the super lush mane you’ve always wanted!

Thick Hair Tip 1. Olive Oil For Growth

1 Make Thin Hair Thicker

Olive oil is an amazing root stimulator that encourages healthy hair growth and makes thin hair thicker. It contains all the right ingredients for growth and plenty of body. This Olive Oil Hair Lotion (Rs. 1,304) is packed with goodness to chase away all those fine hair woes. A few drops will go a long way towards bringing fullness and moisture to your locks.

Thick Hair Tip 2. Baking Soda To Cleanse Without Drying

You know that shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, so your body produces extra to compensate for it. With thin hair, those greasy hair problems are even worse! Give your shampoo a miss and try baking soda instead. There’s a reason why the no-shampoo movement – where you wash your hair with baking soda instead of store-bought shampoo - gained so much popularity. It’s a thorough, natural cleanser for your stands minus any harsh sulfates, parabens and other chemicals. It is gentle and will reset the pH level of your scalp, clean residue, strengthen your strands and promote plenty of volume. It will leave your mane clean and thicker-looking for way longer than any shampoo. Read about how to make thin hair thicker here.

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Thick Hair Tip 3. Coconut Oil For Limp Hair

3 Make Thin Hair Thicker

We’ve grown up listening to the wonders of coconut oil for dreamy locks...and it’s all true. The fatty acids in it not only promote growth and moisture but also slow down the build-up of sebum, which means less oil and more volume. Try a coconut oil hair mask like this one, it contains Moroccan Argan oil and Vitamin E to help repair damage, moisturise and volumise.

Thick Hair Tip 4. Castor Oil For Super Thickness

Castor oil is an extremely popular remedy for hair growth since ancient times. It contains Omega-6 fatty acids to promote thickness. Massage a few drops onto wet strands to prevent breakage, bring thickness and a healthy sheen. It’s best to use cold-pressed castor oil to preserve all of its nutritional qualities.

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Thick Hair Tip 5. Aloe Vera For Bounce

5 Make Thin Hair Thicker

You already know of aloe vera’s moisturising and soothing properties for your skin, but did you know it’s a magical ingredient for your hair too? Its antioxidants moisturize and make thin hair thicker. Use it as a spray instead of a gel as it is way smoother and less sticky for your strands. Spritz it onto wet hair in the shower for noticeable shine and amazing bounce. Try this Real Aloe Vera spray (Rs. 336). It’ll be your new little secret for fabulous hair.

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