10 Signs He May NOT Be Worth Your Time

10 Signs He May NOT Be Worth Your Time
We know darling; it’s just so tempting to be in love and look at life through rose tinted glasses. But sometimes being in love can also make us naive. If he’s causing you more heartache than happiness, he’s not worth your precious time. If you are confused and not sure if that’s the case, don’t worry about it, check for signs below!

1. He’s constantly telling you what to do and what not to do.

Umm, you want a boyfriend, not a caretaker. It’s okay if he has certain opinions, but to always thrust them on you and just expect you to simply follow them is not okay.

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2. He gets angry really easily (and for nothing).

You didn’t sign up to date The Hulk. Your boy needs to keep his anger in check and not terrorize you with it all the time. It’s such a waste of life dealing with his misplaced emotions – you certainly deserve better.

3. He’s more jealous than you can handle.

A little playful jealousy is part and parcel of every relationship. But when it gets uncomfortable for you and when he doubts you with every guy you talk to – you have a problem.

he is not the one

4. He messes up and simply says “Sorry”.

The word “Sorry” alone doesn’t make everything he does okay or justifiable. If he truly wanted to learn his lesson, he wouldn’t mess up again. A mistake repeated more than once is not a mistake, it’s a habit.

5. He totally takes you for granted.

If he refers to his life as if it’s super important and yours as though it’s secondary, that’s a huge sign right there. The ‘taking for granted’ thing can happen in really small ways but they matter too and speak of his mentality.

he is not the one

6. He’s always blackmailing you to get physical.

Getting physical with a guy and the degree to which you would like to, is your (and only your) prerogative. Don’t let him ‘convince’ you at all. If it felt right in your gut, you wouldn’t need the convincing.

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7. He’s always making fun of you even though he knows it hurts you.

Let us tell you one thing in no uncertain terms; when the right guy comes along, he’ll make you feel secure and comfortable. You won’t even feel an iota of self doubt and that’s really how things should be.

he is not the one

8. He always evades the topic of the future.

If you are looking at being with him for the long haul, yet he always avoids the topic, it may mean he doesn’t look at you the same way. We know this isn’t easy to digest or accept but it’s better to understand that you are investing more time in this relationship than he ever plans to.

9. He always compares you to other women.

Please promise us you won’t put up with this nonsense. You are you – beautiful, quirky, unique, and most importantly complete as yourself. If he feels the need to compare you to others, show him the door.

he is not the one

10. He intimidates you.

If for any reason under the sun, he intimidates or frightens you, you need to end your relationship with him – STAT. Love isn’t scary, it’s beautiful and peaceful. Allow yourself to feel that awesome feeling of loving someone and being at peace. It isn’t a race, or a contest, and it’s least of all a test where you have to prove yourself worthy. If you are feeling intimidated in any way, that’s your own instinct (and now us) telling you...he’s probably not ‘the one’.

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