6 Save The Date Ideas That Are Just Too Adorable!

6 Save The Date Ideas That Are Just Too Adorable!
‘Save the Dates’ are such a rage these days! And personally, we too love the concept. Such a cute way to break the news to the world and have your guests block their dates. And trust us, all you need is a great photographer, some fun and creative ideas and lots of love! Check out these couples and their super cute ‘Save the Date’ ideas.

1. By the graffiti wall!

save the date1

We love this couple’s fun and vibrant vibe. Printed tees with your wedding date, a graffiti wall and that’s all! This one’s all about having fun!

Images: Morvi Images on Instagram

2. Light painting all the way!

save the date2

A kickass photography technique, light painting looks absolutely stunning. Don’t you just love how the wedding date shines next to this couple? Classy and oh-so-wow, this should be right on top of your inspiration chart!

Image: Two Fireflies One Camera

3. Itty-bitty slates

save the date3

A sweet little way to break your wedding date is to scribble it on slates! It’s cute and sweet and absolutely fuss-free. Easy to do and yet so charming, this DIY style is what you must totally steal!

Image: Two Fireflies One Camera

4. Doggie love!

save the date4

We love our little furry pets, don’t we?! And to make them a part of your ‘Save the Date’ shoot is such an adorable idea. Get him/her to hold a placard with the date and we swear, nothing will ever look cuter!

Image: Morvi Image on Instagram

Banner Teal

5. Say it with Jimmy Choo!

save the date5

Of late we’re seeing lots of pictures of bridal shoe soles engraved with the wedding date. And this one shot only makes things a lot more interesting. You can even just use a marker pen and try out fun poses until you find your perfect one!

Image: Preparandoocasamento on Instagram

6. A pretty little picture

save the date6

If you don’t want anything too elaborate, just put together a couple of everyday elements and you’re sorted. Your little furry friend, the car, a couple of balloons, you and your bae, and lots of love! :)

Image: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

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