7 Reasons Being A Dusky Indian Girl Totally Rocks!

7 Reasons Being A Dusky Indian Girl Totally Rocks!
We don’t all look the same, and honestly we’re glad about that - for life any other way would be way less fun. And yet, there are some people out there who’re hell bent on glorifying one race of people over another, and selling stuff that can change skin colors and make us all look the same. Please ignore them and bask in your beauty and feel great about being a dusky Indian girl! If you still need some reasons to know why being a dusky Indian girl rocks, then read on...

1. Because there are some women who would actually go to any length to get this gorgeous colour you are born with… They’re sitting out in the sun, or lathering on expensive tanning cosmetics to look like you!

1 being a dusky indian girl

2. Because unlike what other people will have you believe - a dusky complexion actually hides away little flaws in your skin texture instead of dulling your beautiful features.

3. Because when you’re dusky, you don’t have to deal with the nuisance of getting sunburnt! At least not till you deliberately stand out on a hot summer afternoon. And even then, you may get a severe headache, but your tough dusky skin will do a great job at battling sunburn.

3 being a dusky indian girl

4. Because when you apply kohl to your eyes or put on a deep lipstick, it stands out against your dusky complexion and comes across as such a gorgeous contrast - it lights up your whole face, and gets all eyes on you!

BannerTeal 500px

5. Because a dusky complexion makes you look naturally sexy and badass, all the f*cking time.

5 being a dusky indian girl

6. Because darker skin ages late too! Darker skin tones have melanin that slows down ageing and even prevents wrinkles.

7. Because at the end of the day, what makes you different and unlike any other is this gorgeous color. So embrace it and love yourself!

7 being a dusky indian girl

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