questions a girl wants to ask her future husband

Dear Future Husband, 12 Questions I Really Want To Ask You!

Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi

Guest Contributor

You know the thing about marriage's always a catch-22 situation between comfort and awkward. So you marry someone because you are one hundred percent comfortable with them (although there is no such thing as a 100 per cent) but then you also fear asking them about things that will make them feel 'awkward'. What if these are deal breakers, you think (after all that hard work? Phew!). These are 12 questions every girl wishes she could ask her future husband - but probably doesn’t!

1. Why are you still single?

You are such a fab catch...then why are you not hooked-booked-and-cooked (read taken) like the million other good men I know. Is there something I should know?

1 questions a girl wants to ask her future husband

2. Are you in touch with your ex?

Everyone (men included) fear this. Besides the usual what-happened or who-broke-up-with-who...the worry that eats your mind the most is the deadly thought of whether your partner and his ex are in touch or no. And if they are, what is the nature and extent of their relationship?

3. Have you had sex before?

“Of course he has!” says the mind...but the heart - it wants to hear “Noo way!”

3 questions a girl wants to ask her future husband

4. What about one-night stands?

Wait, do I really want to know?!

5. You don't have a problem with how I dress - do you?

I like wearing dresses and interesting necklines… You’re not going to ask me to change my style, are you?

5 questions a girl wants to ask her future husband

6. Can you cook?

Because honestly, you don’t expect me to do everything, right?!

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7. How soon do you want to start a family?

Because I want us to be able to spend some time together and get to know each other first. Plus, we both have our careers to focus on too… So I'm guessing we have a few years of alone time before we go on from being 2 to being 3.

7 questions a girl wants to ask her future husband

8. If I want to, you’d be okay with me working even after we have kids right?

Or is that going to be whole new debate now?

9. How many girlfriends have you had?

They weren't very hot, were they?!

9 questions a girl wants to ask her future husband

10. How many girl-friends do you have?

How close are you with them? Are they all touchy-feely types? Are they good-looking (Read: hot).

11. Where are we going to live? With your family or alone?

Either way should be fine - but I’d definitely want some clarity on this one!

11 questions a girl wants to ask her future husband

12. Is there a secret addiction I must know of?

Smoking, drinking, err some 'Grey' shades of you?

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Published on May 25, 2016
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