#MyStory: We Were Getting Married Against His Parents’ Wishes...

#MyStory: We Were Getting Married Against His Parents’ Wishes...
A year ago, just a day before the Valentine’s Day, I was introduced to Aman by a mutual friend. Gradually we started chatting on facebook, which soon enough turned into long conversations over the phone.

We fell for each other without even meeting and had even said, “I love you” before our first meeting. Our long distance relationship was going steady. Though we lived in different cities, I always felt connected to him, all thanks to our never-ending chats and calls. We both were in love and we both made efforts to keep our relationship strong and unshakable.

There was no doubt that we were in love ,so it was no surprise that we decided to get married the very first time we met.

Internal against his family

Our relationship grew stronger with each passing day. We started meeting once a month. Aman pampered me and I enjoyed all the attention I was getting from the man I was madly in love with.

Finally, we decided to tell our parents about us and that we want to get married. We knew this wouldn’t be easy; his family wanted him to get married to the girl of their choice. He kept trying to convince them for four months. But they were not ready to accept me.

So, after trying for months Aman gave up and we decided to get married in a court against their will. I had no such issue with my family, as they gave us their blessing.

I was pretty excited about my wedding now, even if it was just a court procedure, I was getting married to the love of my life. I know it would have been great if his family was also present but Aman and I had made peace with the fact that they were not going to accept this relationship.

So, I was ready to take on the biggest step of my life… I had packed my belongings in three suitcases. My family and I landed in his city and Aman came to pick us up at the airport. My heart was beating faster and I was overwhelmed with emotions.

However, with the one sentence that he said,he turned my life around and left me shocked and speechless. He took me aside and said, “Baby I can't go ahead with this".

Yes, my man had given into the pressure from his family. After all these months, he finally decided to side with his family and desert me.

I had no words, I just stood there with tears in my eyes. We returned home and I cut off all ties with Aman. We are not in touch and honestly I do not want to be.

It taught me something though, not all love stories have a happy ending.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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