8 Super Cute DIY Ideas To Pretty Up Your Room!

8 Super Cute DIY Ideas To Pretty Up Your Room!
Our rooms are the only place where we can unwind and completely be at ease. And so, we like to make our rooms look like an extension of our personality. Some girls love to see traces of pink in and around their crib while others like shades of black, blues and other dark shades. We all love to do creative things with our room but let's face it, sometimes our budget can restrict us from doing so. We bring you 8 easy peasy ways of decorating your room with something as little as basic craft supplies and a printer. Yes, really!

1. Passion for pastel jars

It's amazing how some things are so versatile - Mason jars are one of them. You can use them to create all kinds of decorations (Fairy lights in jar around the room - pretty, please?). You could also paint them in your favourite colours (pastels look the prettiest) and use them as flower vases! Since summer is at its peak, nothing defines it better than bright flowers.

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2. Origami hangings on the wall

Origami is such a beautiful form of art...don’t you think? Who would have thought that some regular things lying around the house (like string, tape and paper) could come together to form pretty DIY room decorations. Origami usually needs a lot of patience but the result is always worth it. Print out pretty, printed sheets of coloured paper with your favourite artist’s paintings or picture and turn them into cute shapes and hang them in and around your room. They say when you make a 1000 paper cranes, you have a wish come true ;)

3. Tinge of nature

Personalise your bedroom with little bits of nature in it. Growing indoor plants is just as easy and healthy as growing a pretty garden outside your house. These small plants are very cheap to buy and are sterile. They will definitely bring a lot of life to your bedroom! Even better, make your own terrarium with a clear glass bowl, some pebbles and plants.

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4. A to-do list-cum-calendar

Still don’t have a 2016 calendar and you keep forgetting the things you have to do for the day? Making a list and seeing things daily in front of you gives you a sense of purpose. Stay on top of all your plans with crafty calendar solutions. All you need is a pack of colourful sketch pens and a large-size paper (in the colour of your choice) do draw out a calendar. Leave an empty column at the side of every month to add the things on your to-do list. You could even use a printer to do the job and personalise your calendar with your name headlining it in your favourite font. You’ll never miss a birthday again. Ever!

5. Polaroid banner

Since this post talks about being “on a budget”, making a banner with polaroid photos doesn’t make sense since polaroids are expensive. Luckily, there are some pretty nifty techniques that make polaroid banners possible. Make a collection of your favourite pictures and print them out in polaroid frames (you can find photo editing softwares online to help you). Clip them on a colourful string and tie both ends to nails on either side of a wall. Decorate them with pretty, little lights for a picture-perfect polaroid wall.

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6. Recycle

It’s amazing when you think about the things you can make with a single item that you’ve been wanting to throw away. Just because you don’t need them anymore does not mean you can’t use them. Empty tin cans and bottles can be decorated and used as a makeup brush stand. What’s better? Paint them in your favourite colours and decorate them with glitter and tiny baubles.

7. Get messy

Sometimes a mess is good! Stamp colourful finger prints of your little nieces and nephews who visit your house on one of the walls in your room. This is the easiest and the most fun DIY which requires no effort at all! You can also get your friends to help you with this exciting activity and you can turn a boring day around.

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8. Mini projector

Digital projectors are brilliant but they can cost a bundle. Try this super cool DIY trick to make your own mini projector. It's a great way of watching a movie on a big screen in case you don’t have a TV in your room. All you need is a shoe box, a magnifying glass and a paper clip. Trace a hole on the shoe box that is exactly the diameter of the magnifying glass. Cut it out. Attach the magnifying glass and secure it to the cut out hole with glue. Use the paperclip as a stand for your phone and place your phone parallel to the magnifying glass. Play movies on your phone and the magnifying glass will project it on a white screen or wall.

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