Monsoon Wedding? 10 Beauty Mistakes The Bride MUST Avoid!

Monsoon Wedding? 10 Beauty Mistakes The Bride MUST Avoid!
Getting married during the rains seems like a dreamy affair. The air is cooler and the atmosphere is just so romantic. Like there are cons to every pro, so goes the same with your makeup. To look oh-so-fabulous during a monsoon wedding, you need to know what kind of makeup works and what doesn’t. Here are 10 beauty mistakes to never make at a monsoon wedding! (You’re welcome!)

1. Avoid using cream-based makeup products

While cream-based blushes do a pretty decent job at lasting for longer on the face, cream-based eye shadows do the exact opposite! They not only smudge, but also melt off the face. A safer option would be to use powdered eye shadows. The kind that comes in shades of champagne, pink, brown, mauve and beige. You won’t need to worry about them fading in the wet weather.   

Beauty mistakes at a monsoon wedding

2. The more elaborate the hairstyle, the more troublesome it is to handle

Simple and easy-to-style hairstyles are what will fetch you brownie points at a monsoon wedding. Since hair is prone to getting damp and frizzy in the monsoons, an elaborate hairstyle might become too difficult to redo and maintain. Bangs and layers are ideal hairstyles for a monsoon wedding. Always keep a few bobby pins in your purse, you never know when they can come in handy to salvage a hairdo gone wrong if you accidently get wet.

3. Don’t pick up that kajal!

Gel and waterproof eyeliners are the best to use during the monsoon. If you’re loyal to using kohl and kajal, make sure that they’re smudge-proof. To make your eyeliner last longer, use an eyeliner pencil first, and then apply the gel eyeliner over it. Works like a charm every time!

Beauty mistakes at a monsoon wedding

4. Keep away from shimmer and glitter

The more shimmer and glitter you have on your face, the more prone to oil and shine you become! If you’ve chosen to use a blush, the key is to use less product and blend more. Matte bronzers too are wise picks.

5. Skipping the powder

Oil absorbing powder is what will work wonders for your skin during the monsoons and keep your makeup in place. You can also use this powder to set and blend foundation evenly. This will make your makeup stay matte and last longer.  

Beauty mistakes at a monsoon wedding

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6. Not washing your face too often

We know how hectic weddings can get. So hectic that sometimes you forget to wash your face often and thoroughly enough! You want your skin to look clean and healthy and not oily and grimy so always make it a point to take off your makeup. Twice a day, you should wash your face with a cleanser suited to your skin type. While you’re at it, don’t forget to exfoliate too. It helps remove layers of dead skin cells and makes your skin clean and ready for wedding makeup. Amazing, right?!

7. Not moisturizing enough

If you want your skin to look healthy at the wedding, you’ve got to moisturize! If you don’t do this already, wash your face and use a water-based moisturizer twice a day. This habit should make your skin baby soft and smooth.

Beauty mistakes at a monsoon wedding

8. Forget about using styling products or considering hair treatments

Try to keep away from styling products and hair treatments during the rains because it damages hair texture. This can cause dandruff and make your hair frizzy and dry. Stick to using a mild shampoo and a great hair conditioner as it helps to restore volume.

9. Cut down on foundations and concealers

As much as most of you love using foundations and concealers, the monsoons are not the best time to use them. The moisture makes your face sticky. If you still can’t do without them, use waterproof liquid or gel-based foundations. Better options are BB and CC creams, mousse or souffle products as they are so much lighter on your skin. Always remember that before applying any product to your skin, use a primer. It helps tone the skin and minimize pores. It also gives your skin a naturally radiant look.

Beauty mistakes at a monsoon wedding


10. Glossy lipsticks are a BIG “no!”

Glossy lipsticks are known to fade and smudge during the rains.  A wiser choice for you is to stick to a matte lipstick. It’s not only perfect for the rains, but will also last longer on the lips. Shades like coral, mauve, marsala, hot pink, red and fuchsia are perfect monsoon shades.

Tip: To make your lipstick last even longer, apply a coat of lip balm first and then gently apply the matte shade over it.

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