The AMAZING Uses Of A Lip Balm No TV Ad Has Told You About!

The AMAZING Uses Of A Lip Balm No TV Ad Has Told You About!
Buying makeup and grooming products can be an expensive affair.So its only economical and smart to know how to make the best use of the products you own. Did you know that your humble lip balm can do so much more than just soften your lips? Here we are with a new video about lip balm hacks! Who knew a lip balm could be used in so many awesome ways?

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Here is how you can use your lip balm in different ways

1. Eyebrow setter

If your eyebrows don’t stay in place and you want to set them right, use a lip balm instead of an eyebrow gel. Using a brush, take some lip balm and apply it gently on the edges of your eyebrows.

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2. Fixing baby hair

We all want the perfect sleek hairstyle and to get that, fixing baby hair is imperative. Apply some lip balm with your fingers on the stray baby hair and they will obediently sit in place.

3. Helps in eyelash and eyebrow growth

Apply some lip balm to your eyelash and eyebrow at night to make them grow. Make sure you are consistent while doing this. Use this regularly for effective results.

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4. Fixes dry hair

If the tips of your hair look dry and unhealthy, apply some lip balm to your ends to make them look shiny. It might feel a little bit sticky initially but will be back to normal in a matter of minutes.

We hope these beauty hacks will make your life a lot easier and help you save some money too.