9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Have An Awesome Devar!

9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Have An Awesome Devar!
Having a devar is the coolest thing ever! Trust me, you need to get married to know just how awesome having a devar is! They are your life saviours when you enter a new family. You can gossip and party and chill without any pressure or without worrying about anything ever leaking out. Here are 9 things every girl with a devar will totally get!

1. They’ll do anything for their bhabhi!

Helping you pick up your heavy shopping bags to getting you your favourite Starbucks coffee…they make sure you’re always happy and comfortable.

having a dewar

2. You can be your original self with them!

’Cause they are cool like that! You can wear what you want, dance how you like, scream, jump and be all levels of crazy and we swear they won’t judge you.

3. They also get you the sweetest gifts

No, it may not be anything extravagant. But no one in the family knows you like your devar does and he’ll make sure to get you a gift of great value!

having a dewar

4. You’re the first one to know when they fall in love!

’Cause no one gives girl advice like a bhabhi does. New love, a first kiss or a horrible breakup, you’re the first one to know it all!

5. You’ve met or spoken to almost all his friends!

Devars just love showing off their bhabhis to all their friends. He’ll make sure all his friends have met you or spoken to you at least once!

having a dewar

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6. Insomnia kicking in? Call the devar!

Yeah, they are like your midnight, useless talk buddy when all else fails. They’ll answer no matter what the hour and take part in senseless gossip - just for your sake!

7. No family secret remains a secret!

Because the devar tells all! It’s a trust thing you know. He’ll tell you all about everyone and all that has ever gone down in the history of the parivaar.

having a dewar

8. Life’s good when the devar is over

Both my devars are just a year or two younger than me and having them over is an all out party! They are absolutely the best stress busters ever!

9. It’s a very strong bond

He’ll always support you and take your side even over his own brother! Having a devar is like having a best friend, a brother and a devar, all in one!

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