10 Signs You’re Going To Be Really Successful In Life!

10 Signs You’re Going To Be Really Successful In Life!
You may not be working at your dream job right now, but that’s okay as long as you know that you will get there, eventually. Not all of us have a rocket speed start, but there’s still hope for us all. Just keep that fire burning, and you’ll get just as far in life! Here are 10 weird signs you are actually going to be really successful, albeit, a bit later in life.

1. Even though things aren’t as fabulous as you hoped them to be, you feel alive and curious…

You work to learn from everything and everyone, ‘coz you know one day when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll be ready for it.

2. You know your weaknesses, and every single day, you’re working towards overcoming them.

There may not be any change on the surface, but on the inside, all these efforts are slowly but surely translating into monumental changes.

successful later in life

3. You feel like you have a calling and you’re just waiting for that one sign from the universe...

You often find it hard to explain, but you feel a weird pull to something higher - and if you haven’t discovered your calling, you know one day it will all be crystal clear to you and you’ll have the world in your hands. Till then, you’re busy looking and getting ready for it.

4. You know what you want from life - you just don’t know how you’ll get it!

Dreaming big is half the job done, girl. If you can dream it, you can do it - and you know you'll figure out the "how" bit.

successful later in life

5. However busy your day might be, you try to take out at least half an hour to do what you love!

‘Coz often your heart knows secrets your mind has forgotten. And so you will squeeze that half an hour to read a book, cook a meal, go for a run, catch the news or maybe, volunteer at an NGO. You are willing to sacrifice your sleep or other comforts for what you love!

6. You overthink oh-so-much!

Well, science has proved that people who tend to overthink are geniuses. Need we say more?

successful later in life

7. You take yourself quite seriously.

Even though a few people out there might ask you to go easy on yourself, or tell you that the world doesn’t revolve around you… You know that your world is the only one you can do anything about, and so you don’t wanna regret not having done your best.

8. And yet, you chill out just as much as you work hard.

‘Coz you know that all of us need time off work to come back smarter and better. You don’t want to burn yourself out, but just relax enough to still keep the fire burning.

successful later in life

9. You don’t let other people's success get to you...

‘Coz you know that your career path is going to be different from them, and so there’s no room for, or any sense in any comparison.

10. You’re passionate as hell - sometimes almost angry!

You’re angry at not reaching where you know you deserve to reach, you’re angry at choices you made in the past and at the chances you lost… But all this anger is in truth the fire that’s fuelling you every day. One day, it will help you build the life that you dreamt of, and then all this wait will be totally worth it!

successful later in life

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