10 Ways You Could Be Harming Your Relationship (Be Careful!)

10 Ways You Could Be Harming Your Relationship (Be Careful!)
There are a lot of things we girls do subconsciously that inevitably harm our relationships. Needless to say, this isn’t on purpose and can be completely avoided. So why not be a little more aware and inch closer to our happily ever afters? :)

1. By being a nag.

Listen, no one likes a nag. If you really want your boy to do or not do something, have a serious talk with him and just let it be at that. Nagging him will get you nowhere and we’re pretty certain of that.

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2. By being too clingy.

Yes, we get it. You’re in love. But you’re not his conjoined twin. There’s this magical thing called space which every relationship needs, so please be mindful of that.

3. By not living in the moment.

If you spend every waking moment worrying about the future, how can you truly enjoy the present? No one really knows what tomorrow will bring - so stop stressing about whether the two of you will end up together, whether you will work it out, whether your families will approve. Thinking too much into the future will do nothing but ruin your present.

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4. By constantly comparing.

It’s tempting to compare your man to your best friend’s man or your relationship to your sister’s - but this is the worst thing you can possibly do. It’ll only make you unhappy and not appreciate what you already have.

5. By being too jealous.

So he spoke to a girl? Relax! Where’s the trust factor? If you keep getting jealous at every little thing, beyond a point...it ceases to be cute. You know that right?

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6. By not being upfront and honest.

Boys are not mind readers. They don’t always know why your mood is off or why you’re talking in cryptic sentences. If you have a bone to pick with him, do it. Be clear, open and honest. The best relationships are the ones that have an open channel of communication.


7. By expecting too much.

We know this is sensitive territory, because frankly, how much is too much? Every relationship is different so please do what comes naturally to you and your man. But do remember, grand gestures can be overrated. Appreciate the time and attention he showers on you, and don’t always hope for gifts and surprises. You’ll realize later in life that it was always the little things that mattered most.

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8. By trying to change him.

It’s okay to want to change little things here and there, but to expect him to be someone he’s not comfortable being is a really bad move.

9. By fighting all the time.

Yeah, yeah...we know. Couples fight – it’s natural. But don’t be that couple that’s always fighting. You know; the ones who don’t care where they are or who they are with (or how loud they are being).

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10. By not being expressive.

In no way are we saying that it’s only the girl’s job to be expressive about her love and her feelings. But everyone likes to feel appreciated – yes, even your seemingly macho boyfriend. So please remind him that you love him or that he makes you feel safe and secure and that you love that feeling.

It’s just these little things that go a long, long way in making a relationship smooth and sturdy.

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