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True Love Really Is In The Simple Things… Here's Proof!

We hear about big gestures and grand celebrations of love all the time, and we gush over the love those couples share. But is that really what true love is all about? Or, instead, is it really in the simple things that many times go unnoticed? Well, here are some adorable illustrations from Matchify that'll make you believe the latter!

1. Getting out of the shower and singing songs like "Mere khwabon mein jo aaye!"

love is in the simple things 1

Image: Matchify on Facebook

2. And when you don't even feel like smiling, they can make you laugh.

love is in the simple things 2

Image: Matchify on Facebook

3. Even when the going gets tough, they're beside you every step of the way.

love is in the simple things 3

Image: Matchify on Facebook

4. And admiring each other from far away no matter how long you've been together!

love is in the simple things 4

Image: Matchify on Facebook

5. His T-shirt might be too baggy and too faded but it reminds you of him… So you wear it anyway!

love is in the simple things 5

Image: Matchify on Facebook

6. When words can't describe how you feel but they still understand...

love is in the simple things 6

Image: Matchify on Facebook

7. When they compliment you early in the morning… Even though you actually feel like a mess at that time!

love is in the simple things 7

Image: Matchify on Facebook

8. Spending hours reading your old conversation when you miss them!

love is in the simple things 8

Image: Matchify on Facebook

9. And laughing out loud when you read the same joke for the 10th time!

love is in the simple things 9

Image: Matchify on Facebook

10. Taking silly risks just to make them smile!

love is in the simple things 10

Image: Matchify on Facebook

11. And not just loving each other on the amazing days… But even the ordinary ones! <3

love is in the simple things 11

Image: Matchify on Facebook

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Published on Apr 26, 2016
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