11 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has At The Beginning Of A Relationship!

11 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has At The Beginning Of A Relationship!
You’ve had a huge crush on this guy for the longest time - you’ve met him on a few casual dates and you’ve been spending a lot of your time messaging each other. Finally after taking all the time, you two have just made it “official”. Yayy! You’re happy, excited and slightly overwhelmed all at the same time. But the over thinker that you are, you can’t help but have the following thoughts...

1. OMG!! He’s soooo cute. I can’t believe we’re finally dating!

gif_1 - beginning of a relationship

2. I like him so much. I hope he feels the same way about me. Is he into me for real? I don’t like this guessing game!

3. Should I tell my friends about it, or is it too soon?

thinking - beginning of a relationship

4. Hmm... I hope they get along with him. I would really like us all to go out sometimes. But, what if they hate him. No, no I am sure they’d bond well and plan my birthday surprises together! :-)

5. Talking about getting along - will my parents like him? Okay, stop thinking about it already. It’s too soon to start thinking about THAT!

5 - beginning of a relationship

6. Is it too soon to have our first kiss? He’s so amazing, I really want to kiss him. But, will he think I’m too easy if I make the first move?!

BannerPink 500px

7. It’s been a month though, is it too soon to start posting our pictures on insta? I love that last selfie we took… Plus I do want to brag a bit to the world about us ;)

gif_7 - beginning of a relationship

8. I wonder what he’s told his friends about me. Will they like me?

9. What about our first sleepover? What would that be like? Would I wear my sweatpants or will I wear something sexy?

9 - beginning of a relationship

10. Do we have a future? Does he want to have a future with me?? Okay, too soon too soon. STOP overthinking!

11. We have so much fun together and I’m completely smitten by him. He makes me so happy. I hope he’s the “one”!

 beginning of a relationship

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