7 Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged (No Pressure!)

7 Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged (No Pressure!)
From the day you get engaged, your otherwise calm and routine-oriented life becomes one roller coaster ride. The multiple congratulatory gestures, the mandatory Facebook post with the intended and the calls/messages that follow; you have yourself a brand new family, wedding date discussions, preparations begin with a bang – the list is endless. And as you enter this action-packed phase of your life, here’s a checklist for the things to do as soon as you are engaged…

1. Save The Date

You don’t want your out-of-station friends and family to be a no-show. You need to make your save-the-date calls and messages as soon as you’re engaged so that travel and plans can be made accordingly. PS: Don’t take too long to finalise the wedding dates, ladies.

things to do as soon as you are engaged

2. Beauty Regime? Check!

Even if you haven’t bothered to look after your skin and hair all these years, fret not – it’s never too late. For the all-important ‘bridal glow’, you need to look up all those homemade hair and skin packs and start right away! Second, book yourself a package for all kinds of spas, facials and mani-pedis and you’re good to go. Bring on that neem paste, papaya packs and egg-y hair masks!

3. Let’s Be Friends

Overnight you have yourself a new family and a friends group too. Now is the time to bond with your fiance’s family and friends. Make plans for meals and coffees with them from time to time, visit them if they’re sick, and be sure never to miss the birthday wishes.

4. A Booking In Time…

If you’ve fancied a particular photographer or DJ or wedding designer whose fabulous work floored you at a friend’s wedding, make sure to block his/her dates immediately. Trust us, these are the last people you want to hear a ‘no’ from.

things to do as soon as you are engaged

5. Fashion Forward Bride

If you want to be the fashionista kind of bride, now is the time to start skimming through whichever wedding mags you get your hands on and start to go through all the designers’ latest collections. Seeing more and more designs might confuse you, but that would be better than feeling that you didn’t get to check out enough options before zeroing down on The One.

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6. Delegate The Duties

You don’t want to run around too much for your wedding. That’s for your family and friends to take care of as you rest it out and focus on looking gorgeous on your D-day. List out the volume of work that needs to be done and divide it among your girlfriends, siblings and whoever else is happy to help. This will ease out the days leading up to the wedding.

7. Girly Time

In all the madness that comes with wedding prep, don’t forget to plan that one last singles trip with your girlfriends! This a time that ain’t coming back, girls. Yes, wedding planning and spending all your free time with fiancé is important, but don’t let your BFFs take a backseat. Choose a destination and fly off for a few days of fun and relaxation with your girls. If a trip isn’t feasible, plan dinners/lunches/brunches with your gang of girls – you’ll be glad you did this before tying the knot.

things to do as soon as you are engaged

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