Things that happen when you are a bridesmaid

Bestie’s Shaadi? Get Ready To Experience These 10 Things!

Sharon Alphonso

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Every girl dreams of becoming a bridesmaid at some point of time in her life. And when that does happen, it’s like a dream come true! You’re suddenly bursting with excitement and happiness. Be it your sister or bestie’s wedding, you want everything to go perfectly. Here are 10 things that happen when you are a bridesmaid!

1. You get to be a part of the most epic bachelorette party!

Because no one parties crazier than your favourite girls. It’s going to be a night to remember!

Things that happen when you are a bridesmaid

2. Not to forget, the bridal shower is the best way to bond well with good old friends and family.

Yummy cake, cute presents, sparkling wine, exotic treats and good company - C’est la vie.

3. Who needs a wedding planner when you have fabulous bridesmaids, right?

Whether it’s paying close attention to the decor or making sure that the centerpiece is placed just right, you have the power to make things look awesome!

Things that happen when you are a bridesmaid

4. Before the wedding, there will be tons of wedding rituals you will need to be a part of!

Each of them promises oodles of fun.

5. As the big day comes closer, it’s natural for the bride to get emotional (that’s where you come in!).

To motivate, guide and tell her everything's going to be just fine. You are her pillar of strength!

Things that happen when you are a bridesmaid

6. On the wedding day, it’s the bridesmaid duty to see whether all is going well with the bride.

Bobby pins, makeup, a bottle of water - you have to be prepared for anything and everything!

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7. Be ready to smile a lot and look like a doll because there are going to be tons of photo shoots!

Because while you were having busy having fun, you were also making memories. <3

Things that happen when you are a bridesmaid

8. You also have a huge responsibility of keeping the gifts safe at the wedding, bridal shower and bachelorette party.

Because delicate items need a special kind of handling. :)

9. Being an auxiliary hostess is one of the key responsibilities of a bridesmaid

Greeting guests at the reception, inviting them to sign the guest book and guiding them to buffet table and bar will be part of your job as a bridesmaid.

Things that happen when you are a bridesmaid

10. Slow dancing with one of the dashing groomsmen is the most romantic part of it all!

It’s like being Cinderella for a night! <3

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Published on Apr 25, 2016
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