13 Things EVERY Indian Mom Loves Saying!

13 Things EVERY Indian Mom Loves Saying!
Whether you stay at home with your mum, or live far away with friends - these 13 things Indian moms say to their daughters will crack you up, and also make you feel like giving your mum a tight hug, for just being the way she is.

1. “What did you eat for lunch today?”

Because lunch is usually the only meal she can’t stuff you herself with, and so she worries about it, every single day. Mothers are super cute like that.

things indian moms say

2. “Who was that boy?” *Eyebrows rising, along with rising levels of concern*

‘Coz boys mean trouble and mum knows best. So she just wants to know who were you getting so ‘friendly’ with.

3. “But beta, what will people think?”

… And a backless choli is all it takes to get people thinking! Uff!

things indian moms say

4. 9am: Leave on time, okay?

   6pm: Haven’t you left?

   7pm: When are you going to reach?

So she does this everyday and sometimes you kinda get annoyed too, but here’s the thing - if she misses out on calling you even one day, you start missing it.

5. “Arre, no one gets fat eating ghar ka khana. Take another roti now.”

And just like that she rubbishes your diet plans - and you quickly get convinced too.

things indian moms say

6. “This jacket? It’s really cold outside. And carry an umbrella, it may rain.”

We’re saying this by experience - follow these last minute instructions your mum has for you before you head out of your home - for even the weather can’t prove her wrong!

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7. “Offo! Look carefully, that shirt is right there in your cupboard only.”

What mothers keep, only mothers can find - it’s not our fault, really.

things indian moms say


8. “Who do you keep talking to on the phone all day?”

Your mum loves to hate your phone. So much so that she blames the poor thing for everything that’s wrong in your life, or hers.

9. “Holiday with friends? Go wherever you want to with your husband.”

‘Coz your marriage is always on her mind, and she is busy making plans with your husband from the future. *rolls eyes*

things indian moms say

10. “I don’t know - ask your dad when he comes home.”

She doesn’t want to be the one to say no, you see.

11. “I made your favourite mithai…don’t you give it all to your friends. Keep some for yourself too, okay?”

‘Coz her only constant worry in life is you not eating enough… Even if your BMI tells another story.

things indian moms say

12. “You have SO many clothes, you just went shopping last week. What do you need to shop for now?”

But when did too many clothes become a legit reason for not getting more new clothes maa? :p

13. “You will only realise all this when you have kids of your own…”

… And that’s her last argument. You cannot say anything now. Point well made, mom.

things indian moms say

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