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Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales About Friendship To Melt Your Heart

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales About Friendship To Melt Your Heart

1. He was reserved...

Always had been. He just didn’t know where to begin sharing all the life stories he had, with others. Every time he tried telling them, he felt his stories weren’t funny enough… why would anyone want to hear them? Till he met her. Something just clicked between them and words started pouring out from the deepest corners of his being. His best friend would silently and carefully listen to him and then burst out laughing. She was his first-born daughter.

tales about friendship

2. She had no reason to bother herself with me...

After all, I was just her maid’s daughter who would come along and sit in the house while her mum worked. But she bothered. Not in the condescending way that people who are born with a silver spoon treat the unfortunate, but in the way one human teaches another how to dream. Today, I am an independent woman, earning for my family and giving them all the facilities that I lacked - just as my co-partner at our startup is. The same co-partner who helped me first when I used to come to her home, just as her maid’s daughter.

tales about friendship

3. We were best friends...

We would eat, breathe, laugh and live together. Maybe that is why when we fell in love, it also happened together. With the same man. We were are best friends. For even though we both had to let go of our first love, we knew it couldn’t come at the cost of losing our soulmate.

tales about friendship

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