Attending Your Ex’s Shaadi? Here’s What You Need To Know...

Attending Your Ex’s Shaadi? Here’s What You Need To Know...
Let’s lay this one out straight – no matter how long it’s been since you both broke up and no matter how chilled out you both are about it – you’ll be walking on eggshells throughout his D-day. And yet, you’ve got to put your best foot forward. And so, we attempt to chalk out the rules to follow when attending your ex’s wedding that might make dancing in his baarat easier for you. Read on…

1. Dress To Kill?

No! You don’t have to overdress for this wedding. It might give the wrong idea to many. The fact that you are at the wedding gives people enough reason to keep an eye on you throughout and judge how you are handling it. Overdressing might seem like you’re trying too hard to cover up your not-too-cool feelings about this occasion.

2. Emotion-less

Shedding a tear is expected at friends’ and family weddings. But your ex’s wedding is different from those. Lest you want the rest of the guests to assume that you still love the groom, you must not get too emotional.

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3. No High Spirits, Please

Many of you might feel like guzzling some beers beforehand to help you sail through the functions. This probably isn’t as good an idea as you think. Being in high spirits can make you say and do things that your sober self wouldn’t agree with.

4. Time It Well

Arriving too early or late, or being the last one to leave is not advised. Reach at an appropriate hour, take part in the celebrations and leave. Save yourself from watching the ex get married, yet be cool enough to wish the couple well and make a graceful exit at the right moment. For old time’s sake, we say.

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5. Gift Policy

It shouldn’t be something over the top. In fact, it’s best you pool in with your gang of friends and give something together. You never know if the wife would be happy looking at that crystal showpiece you gave sitting on his bedside table.

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6. Gossip Girl

You’re here and you have to put your best self forward on the occasion. Do not, under any circumstances, begin to talk to your friends about your past relationship with the groom. Or even about how bad your breakup was and how he had been a jerk to you. Talking ill of the groom on his wedding day, no matter how uncomfortable you are about attending his wedding, is a big no-no.

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7. Plus One Worry

You don’t have to take along a plus-one. Going solo will not make you look like the pitiable single girl who came to watch her ex start his ‘happily ever after’. Most of you will stress about this. Bringing along a random date isn’t going to save you from strange glances either. Yes, if you do have a genuine plus-one, taking him along is absolutely fine.

8. Blast From The Past

You’re bound to bump into your ex’s friends at his wedding. Some of them kept up their relationship with you, but most might not have. Do not give them the cold shoulder. Let bygones be bygones. Greet them warmly and catch up with them – ignoring them will be fodder for the gossip mongers. Good gestures on happy occasions are always the thing to do!

8- attending your exs wedding

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