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10 Lies EVERY Girl With A Boyfriend Has Told Her Parents!

We would NEVER lie to our parents. We love them to the moon and back. Unless, it’s about our boyfriend, of course! Then, it’s a whole different thing! If you have a boyfriend and haven’t told your parents about him yet, then, you definitely must have told them these 10 lies. (You’re not alone, love! We’ve all been there and done that!) ;)

1. He’s not my boyfriend. We’re just good friends, trust me...

This one’s gold!

Lies every girl has told her parents

2. I’m staying at a friend’s place tonight. We’re having an all-girl slumber party!

Only if they knew that your boyfriend is invited too. :D

3. Don’t worry, mom. I’ll be back by 8 pm. My friend will drop me home.

And we all know who that ‘special’ friend will be... ;)

Lies every girl has told her parents

4. I’m going to his place. His parents are home too.

Throwing the parent card, are we?

5. I was talking to Sakshi... Don’t believe me? Here’s her number!

*Convinces friend to cover up*

Lies every girl has told her parents

6. Dad, it’s a college trip! ALL my classmates are going. It’s compulsory!

Including my boyfriend… ;)

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7. Here’s Tania’s number. Please call her if you can’t get through to my phone.

Because, Tania is your bestie. She'll do anything to save you from trouble. (Even if it’s coming up with a white lie) You owe her bigtime for this.

Lies every girl has told her parents

8. He thinks of me as his sister.

Yeah, right! :P

9. We don’t like each other! He’s already in a committed relationship.

With you, of course!

Lies every girl has told her parents

10. You saw us holding hands at a park?! That’s Impossible! It has got to be someone else.

Because, doppelgangers do exist! :D

GIFs: Tumblr

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Published on Apr 18, 2016
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