Jewellery Ideas For The Bride Who Doesn’t Want To Wear Gold!

Jewellery Ideas For The Bride Who Doesn’t Want To Wear Gold!
Are you a bride that doesn’t want shiny gold overpowering your outfits? Sure, we love everything sparkly but there are multiple more options to accessorise your ornate ensembles with that are at par with gold! These 7 amazing jewellery ideas for the bride are everything a girl needs if she wants to stay away from traditional gold and still look as stunning as ever.

1. The Joy Of Pearls!

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Pearls are timeless. They look gorgeous when paired with pastel colored outfits. Opt for tiny pearl strings combined with some colored stones and diamonds to give it the elegant princess look. The variant of pearls in rose gold go with the red and similarly warm-hued outfits. Choose steel grey pearls to match your dark-hued cocktail outfits.

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2. The Indigenous Silver!

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Some sterling silver should definitely make it your jewel box, we say! They look splendid with most cool colours. If you are a girl who likes earthy tones and traditional craft, don’t hesitate to wear silver. Think chokers and jhumkis - they look spectacular with those pretty sarees and lehengas. Trust us, with everyone around you wearing gold, you’ll stand out!

Image Source: Tribe By Amrapali On Instagram

3. The Intense Gemstones Spell!

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Yes, we would love a little emerald or a ruby embellishing some of that gold. But imagine wearing only strings made out of these precious stones! Strikingly magnificent. Think extraordinary colours like pink sapphire, smoky quartz and yellow topaz. They not only look graceful but also marry the outfit in similar or contrasting colours flawlessly. You’ll outshine the whole world with your celestial glow.

Image Source: Krystal D’souza On Instagram

4. The Colossal Crystal!

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Don’t step back from experimentation. It’s your day and it’s alright to go OTT. Huge crystal elements along with some metals look marvellous! Swarovski is what we are thinking of as well.  These larger than life crystals are suitable for the wallet and look so grand when worn as statement pieces with shaadi outfits.

Image Source: Outhouse Jewellery On Instagram

5. The Classy Glass!

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What can be better than wearing some framed colourful glass pieces as jewellery! Perfect to go with your mehendi or sangeet outfit, we suggest you give this a serious thought! Trust us, it’s going to add a terrific twist to your complete appearance in a captivating way!

Image Source: Payal Khadelwala On Instagram

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6. Diamonds, Of Course!

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If you’re a girl who loves diamonds and has the budget for them, they are a great substitute or let’s say complementary option for when you want to skip gold. However, most diamond jewellery is mounted on gold itself, but you can opt for white gold so that all the world sees is the brilliance of white and the gleam!

Image Source: Kareena Kapoor On Instagram

7. The Everlasting Platinum!

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An offbeat choice but many people are indulging in this metal because of its distinctiveness. Platinum with tiny diamonds on it looks different. You can leave the gold behind and push this up a notch by getting some great platinum creations. This is a fantastic option for a wedding ring for your going-to-be husband too!

Image Source: Sandeep Dinker On Instagram

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