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I’m Next?! & Other Thoughts You Have When Kaleeray Fall On You!

One of the most exciting moments at a close friend's wedding is when she's about to jingle jangle her kaleeray over her girls' heads! Let's be honest, it's pretty much the equivalent of tossing a bouquet! The age-old lore says that if a kaleera drops on your head, then you will be the next one to get married! So read on to find out what goes through *every* girl's mind when a kaleera drops on her head...

1. OMG, I'm going to be a bride. OMG.

kaleera drops on your head

2. We've only been dating for 3 months though...

3. I wonder if I should casually drop it into conversation with him, should have Instagrammed it.

kaleera drops on your head

4. I wish his mom had seen it happen, she would have known what to do...

5. I guess that Pinterest board will pay off soon enough.

kaleera drops on your head

6. I wonder if there is any truth in this tradition any way...?

7. Then again it did only drop on my head and I am the only one with a boyfriend.

kaleera drops on your head

8. I can't believe I am actually getting married - this is so exciting! *wishful thinking*

9. Should I wear gold or red at my wedding?

kaleera drops on your head

10. A destination wedding would be cool!

Banner Teal

11. Thailand is a bit overdone though. Where else?

kaleera drops on your head

12. I wonder if she purposely dropped it on my head?!

13. No - it was fate, definitely fate.

kaleera drops on your head

14. I wish there was some sort of boy equivalent to this so bae could find out we're getting hitched.

15. Lol, look at all the aunties faffing around me - they know it's the real deal!

kaleera drops on your head

16. I have always liked the idea of Hawaii for a honeymoon but Australia is equally appealing.

17. I guess I should call work and start arranging time off...

18. Wait, scratch that. I completely forgot - he needs to propose first!!!

kaleera drops on your head

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Published on Apr 19, 2016
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