7 Gorgeous Maangtikas To Flaunt At The Next Shaadi Function! | POPxo
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7 Gorgeous Maangtikas To Flaunt At The Next Shaadi Function!

7 Gorgeous Maangtikas To Flaunt At The Next Shaadi Function!

Our latest jewellery crush is the maangtika. These delicate pieces of head jewellery instantly add glam to even the most minimal of shaadi outfits. So if you’re heading to a shaadi function, put on these delicate maangtikas for an instant pick-me-up for your look!

1. Star Lord!

delicate maangtikas 1 Yes, that’s a reference from Guardians Of The Galaxy but it’s so appropriate. This is such an unusual shape, and the delicate pearl and gold string adds to it’s charm. You’ll definitely stand out with this piece of jewellery!
Price: Rs 5,800. Buy it here.

2. Kundan love

delicate maangtikas 2 We usually think of kundan jewellery as the ultimate in bling, but this multi-coloured, stone and kundan-work maangtika strikes the balance between bling and sophistication. Plus, the paan colours will instantly add oomph to a shaadi outfit. Price: Rs 484. By it here.

3. Amber praise

delicate maangtikas 3 So this is a big but we love the delicate, amber-coloured stones and the minimal, peacock feather design. This will glam up your shaadi look super-effectively! Price: Rs 2,150. Buy it here.

4. Silver bells!

delicate maangtikas 4 It’s so rare to see a maangtika in a colour other than gold! No wonder we love this one. You can pair it with your navy or black-coloured outfits and ‘wow’ everyone! Price: Rs 389. Buy it here. Banner Teal

5. Take a leaf

delicate maangtikas 5
We just love the neon-adjacent colours of this one! The design also is a superb variation on the regular leaf design with just the right touch of quirkiness. Grab it, we say! Price: Rs 2,450. Buy it here.

6. Point it out!

delicate maangtikas 6 Another design that is completely different from anything we have seen before. Wear it with your Indo-western shaadi outfit to completely stand out from the crowd! Price: Rs 3,360. Buy it here.

7. Borla halke halke

delicate maangtikas 7 Please excuse the dreadful pun and just focus on the borla, ok? All eyes will only focus on you as you enter the shaadi venue in all your finery and this beautiful gold-plated jewellery on your forehead! Price: Rs 9,166. Buy it here.
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Published on Apr 28, 2016
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