11 Bonding Experiences To Make Your Relationship Stronger!

11 Bonding Experiences To Make Your Relationship Stronger!
A relationship is like a plant - one needs to look after it and nurture it. Every strong relationship is proof of the two people in it giving their relationship importance and love. Let’s look at some of the bonding experiences a couple shares which further strengthen their bond.

1. A major fight!

Yes, this might sound a bit weird, but an explosive fight between you two, if handled in the right manner, will strengthen your bond. You might take out all your anger and frustration in the moment, but be willing to hear out your partner’s concerns once you cool down. This will help you realise your love for each other even more and make you feel closer.

2. Traveling together

If you’ve ever traveled with your partner, you would definitely agree with this. While traveling, you would have discovered each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and also learnt how to understand and adjust to each other’s limitations. This might also give you both a chance to live your romance away from your homes!

bonding experiences that bring a couple close

3. Giving each other cute pet names!

Everyone calls you by your real name, but only he/she calls you by a special name. A pet name shows that the couple has formed their own private and secret world, where only the two of them know the story behind the name given to each other. And no matter how your day is going, being called by a special name by your special someone will surely bring a smile to your face!

4. Cooking with each other

Whether you’re cooking Maggi or making a cup of tea, cooking with each other will always be fun. You both will try making something new and exciting for each other and also get to know about each other’s tastes. And if nothing else, you both can surely make things “spicier” in the kitchen? ;)

bonding experiences that bring a couple close

5. Long distance...

Yes, distance does make the heart grow fonder. Working for your relationship together in a long distance one makes a couple value each other more. Also, not having your partner around you increases your urge to see them and when they finally visit you, and you both end up spending some real quality time together.

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6. Sleeping together

No, not having sex. But just cuddling and sleeping together. It is these small, sweet, everyday things that really bring two people close to each other.

bonding experiences that bring a couple close

7. Heart to heart talks...

Opening up to each other and talking your heart out will further deepen your bond with your loved one. Talking to each other about your childhood memories, your embarrassing and silly moments, the big things or even the tiniest of things that bother you... All of this will make you both value each other even more.

8. Sharing your worst fears

Letting your weaknesses out, crying in front of each other and revealing your worst fears to one another will create an incredible bond of faith and trust between you two - a bond which will never be broken. Letting go of your fears and sharing them with your partner will also help you overcome them. Apart from physical intimacy, it is sharing your fears and anxieties that brings a couple close to each other.

bonding experiences that bring a couple close

9. Laughing together!

Laugh! Laugh! Laugh till your stomach hurts and laugh till you cry tears of joy!

10. Taking up an activity together

Dance class, gym, a new language or anything else! Yes, you will learn something new, but this will also enrichen your love for each other, since you both will be spending time learning something new and challenging - together!

bonding experiences that bring a couple close

11. Celebrating together!

Celebrating things, big and small, brings a couple closer together. First salary, anniversaries, promotions, etc. Also, never forget to celebrate the love between you two - it’s special, so celebrate it every day!

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