Dear Boyfriend, 9 Little Ways You Make Me Feel Crazy About You!

Dear Boyfriend, 9 Little Ways You Make Me Feel Crazy About You!
Dear Boyfriend,

We’ve been together for a while, and even though I may not tell you this as often - you do make me go weak in the knees just as much as when we first met. You are terrific and when you do these little things, I get the feeling that I am gonna stay crazy about you, always and forever.  



1. You’re extra nice around my folks, and super naughty when we’re alone!

You’re the good boy who turns bad just for me! Oh, how that makes me fall for you every single time!

1 crazy about our boyfriends

2. You say exactly what I need to hear every time I am upset, angry or just plain mad at the world!

It’s like you know the magic words that will make sense in every situation and suddenly make me feel infinitely better. You are my secret super-power against any problem!

3. You make me feel like I am the only girl in the world!

Even though you’re quite popular with the ladies everywhere you go, I like how your attention and eyes always and only follow me around.

3 crazy about our boyfriends

4. You spoil me like a kid, and I strongly suggest you keep at it! :p

From breakfast in bed, to flowers during the day, and surprise movie dates at night - you pamper me to death and I just don’t seem to get tired of it - not now, not ever.

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5. You know your way in bed...

And you’re just as ready to teach me new things as you are to learn a few little tricks from me too! *Wink*

5 crazy about our boyfriends

6. You dress up for our dates, and do your hair just the way I like it!

And that is all it takes to make our evenings together even more special.

7. Your random acts of kindness make me want to be a better person too!

And even though I may chide you for being a bit too nice at times, deep down that’s what makes me fall in love with you a little more, every day.

crazy about our boyfriends

8. You have infected my world with your happy, crazy energy…

And I wouldn’t really have it any other way!

9. You know your sh*t and don’t run away from your responsibilities!

Smart is sexy, and you’re both! You have big dreams for yourself, and never get insecure because of mine. We aim for the stars and are just invincible together!

crazy about our boyfriends

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