9 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Boyfriend Is An Engineer!

9 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Boyfriend Is An Engineer!
There are boys, and then there are boys who are engineers. And the only reason we are making this distinction is because, well, an engineer makes for a different kind of boyfriend altogether! Here are 9 things you’ll totally get if your boyfriend is an engineer..

1. He always has some story to tell you about the many misadventures he’s had at college!

It’s almost like his entire college life is an anecdote. And sometimes you feel a bit jealous of all the fun he had!

boyfriend is an engineering student

2. He acts like a know-it-all on all things technical and science-y!

He gets excited about things like wires and software (*rolls eyes*) and even starts talking in an alien jargon about these things to you.

3. To his credit, though, he is also your official technology help central!

And every time your phone, laptop or any other gadget misbehaves, you ring him up and get it fixed. *Perks*

boyfriend is an engineering student

4. His ability to fix stuff wins him brownie points from your parents too…

And also gives him direct access to your home. Not many guys get that far!

5. You feel far more insecure when he’s out with his frat brothers than when he’s with some girl!

‘Coz when he is with his brothers from engineering college, they are the ones who call dibs on his time and attention, not you. That’s like their bro-code!

boyfriend is an engineering student

6. He is super jugaadu and knows his way out of all situations!

It’s like he is an intuitive problem solver, and there is nothing he can’t find a quick fix to.

7. He doesn’t really care about the way he’s looking…

For if his college days taught him anything, it’s this - chappals are universally accepted footwear that can be worn everywhere! Uff!

boyfriend is an engineering student

8. He is so sincere in his love for you...

The many love stories that have gone on to become national bestsellers were by written by engineers - that says something, doesn’t it?!

9. He doesn’t even know how hot he is - because there weren’t enough girls around in college to tell him that…

Truth be told - his raw, careless and smart aura is what you really fell for! He is truly like none other.

boyfriend is an engineering student

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