14 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If You’re A Skinny Girl!

14 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If You’re A Skinny Girl!
In an age where the media and even your next door neighbor stresses on how important it is to be fit and healthy, being fat is a sin and sometimes being skinny feels like a sin too. Here’s a list of things you will get if you are a skinny/thin girl.

1. People think you never eat!

And by now you’re tired of telling them otherwise and have resorted to letting them believe whatever they want to believe.

skinny girl

2. What curves?

Your body isn’t known for its curves. Your absent curves have led you to believe that the Levi’s Curve ID jeans were specifically not made for you.

3. You can pull off almost any kind of clothing!

Especially a saree. Many thanks to your narrow frame.

skinny girl

4. To eat or not to eat, that is the question.  

Your boyfriend is undecided as to whether he should constantly call you “hot” or constantly feed you.

5. The fact that you are skinny has probably got a lot to do with your genes.

Maybe your mother was thinner than you are now when she was your age.

skinny girl

6. You’ve never really had to work out.

And you’ve probably seen the inside of a gym only in pictures and videos.

7. If only wishes came true…

People constantly tell you how they wish they were as thin as you are.

8. Enough, okay? Shut up!

You’re tired of hearing the same old and boring lines like “The wind will blow you away”, “You eat like a bird”, “Eat Ghee, it will help you put on weight”. Uhm…I don’t recall asking for your opinion.

9. The not-so-innovative pet names…

People have several annoying “eye-roll” worthy nicknames for you like “Skelety”, “Flat iron”, “20 kgs”.

skinny girl

10. Stronger than you are!

People assume you are a weak person - emotionally, physically and mentally. Just because you are thin.

11. I’m okay really, thanks!

People measure your wrists and make sympathetic sounds and tell you how they wish to see you healthy and happy.

skinny girl

12. Do I look “fitter” now?

When you put on a negligible kilo or two, you start thinking if you’ve started looking not-as-skinny anymore.

13. You’ve admired yourself in the mirror a million times.

Admit it. You’ve even thought about modelling, maybe not seriously, but the thought has definitely crossed your mind.

skinny girl

14. I look fabulous!

You love your body just the way it is!

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